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How to build an innovative business website?

Your business website is the “go-to” source of information about your business—and it needs to stay open 24 hours a day. Learn how to come up with winning website design, one that attracts… Continue reading

Need an e-commerce strategy for your business?

The immediate impact of COVID-19 has been swift and difficult, forcing companies to adopt new ways of doing business. It’s very important to develop an e-commerce strategy for a successful digital transformation.

Most… Continue reading

Online store with e-commerce website development

Just like an engineer wouldn’t start a building without blueprints, a business creating an e-commerce website development needs a plan that sets out must-haves and nice-to-haves.

An awfully planned project can end up with… Continue reading

Optimize keywords with on-page metas for websites

HTML meta tags and meta tags are very similar and serve the same purpose – to provide search engines with information about a webpage. As Google’s ranking is made up of 200 or more components, or ‘ranking signals’, these… Continue reading

10 Brilliant SEO Tools, Plugins, and Hacks You Need to Use Now

Number one goal was to provide every single attendee with at least one new tool or one new way to use a tool they’re already using. Judging by… Continue reading

Online domain maturity: Your kingdom is your domain

When a new business is created, much thought goes into what it should be called. Even before the internet became
a shop window and trade floor for the majority of businesses, choosing a company name could be problematic; was
it already registered somewhere? was it copyrighted? Today, there is also the need to obtain the rights to online domain names that exactly or closely match the company name.Online Domain

For organizations with global aspirations, despite all the new domain extensions (.city, .bio, .market etc.), only .com
will do. Others may want their domain to appear more local, .fr, .de, and so on. Once settled on, the
reputation of an organization’s online domain will form an essential part of its overall reputation. If web sites or
online applications perform poorly, or their security is compromised, the domain reputation and, therefore, overall
brand, suffers.

For the majority, the internet is now essential to transacting with consumers and other businesses. For some, it is everything, the full extent of their kingdom that needs protecting at all costs. Too many are still not doing this adequately. Continue reading

Free and low-cost web analytics tools

Now that you are online and your company has a great website, what comes next? If you really want to maximize the impact of your website and make sure it was worth your investment, you need to track and analyze your online efforts using the web analytics.-web analytics toolsweb analytics tools

How these tools help you?

Web analytics software and social media monitoring tools help you avoid getting lost in data. The key is to set clear goals, isolate which metrics matter to your company and find the tools that will present that information to you simply.

For instance, web analytics applications can help you:

  • target your marketing initiatives
  • track the success of your search engine optimization efforts
  • understand your website visitor experience
  • learn what keywords bring in the best prospects
  • improve your sales conversion and
  • identify trends and improve website usability to maximize your website’s return on investment.
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The modern guide to staying safe online

Keeping safe and productive online requires smart decision-making and just the right preventive measures to fit the level of risk you can live with.- Staying safe online

The internet can be a scary place. Threats come in many forms, lurking in practically any corner. Worse, yesterday’sStaying Safe Online prevailing advice for staying safe online — avoid dodgy websites, don’t traffic in stolen or illegal goods, interact only with people you know — no longer holds. Phishing emails from supposed family members, spyware piggybacking on legitimate apps, well-known sites hijacked with malicious code — digital safety clearly needs new rules to meet today’s evolving threatscape.

Considering how much of our digital lives occurs online — communications, financial transactions, entertainment, work, education, to name a few — adopting even a few safe browsing practices can lead to broad benefits. And this includes how we deal with email messages as well, given how popular email is as a delivery mechanism for online attacks using exploit kits and malware.

Here, we provide a strategic guide for staying safe online, outlining what you can do to protect your data and privacy on the web, while remaining productive. Continue reading

Online Business Strategy

Is your business ready for an online strategy?

Every business needs a digital presence. Consumers and businesses are online, and they expect you to be there too. It’s really that simple.- Online Business StrategyOnline Business Strategy

Consumers and businesses go… Continue reading