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Enterprise Software offered by Musato Technologies

Musato Technologies offers a wide range of Enterprise Software from Third-Party vendors and suppliers in the following categories:

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources.

Executing an ERP system is an opening for the business to fundamentally and drastically change how it does commerce and, optimize its processes for the utmost profitability and efficiency.

ERP Services Overview

Focused on advanced industry trends, at Musato Technologies, we make sure you enjoy  improved and efficient business processes with our finest ERP service practices shaped by our unique expertise.

ERP Upgrades and Migration

With our leading edge approaches, we assist businesses in upgrading and migrating their legacy ERP systems. Our expert team helps organizations to improve and extend the active functionalities with reduced downtime.

ERP Implementation and Deployment

We offer end-to-end implementation support for ERP solutions and, constantly work in the direction of the successful completion of programs to guarantee an efficient and successful deployment and implementation.

ERP Customizations and Enhancements

We offer cost valuable ERP enhancement and customization services that maintain evolving company demands. Our ERP services aid in mapping customizations to fresh releases and
effecting changes to go with desired commerce needs.

Support & Maintenance

Our specialists offer committed support, enabling competent handling of challenges and full support of essential applications to optimize operational effectiveness. We offer maintenance and support for troubleshooting reported inconvenience.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

System that helps a company or an organisation manage all aspects of customer encounters or interactions, including marketing and advertising, sales, customer service after sale, and programs to retain loyal customers.
The goal of CRM is to anticipate and understand the needs of current and potential customers to increase customer retention and loyalty while optimizing the way that products and services are sold.

CRM software automates and integrates the functions of sales, marketing, and service in an organisation. The objective is to capture data about every contact a company has with a customer through every channel and store it in the CRM system to enable the company to truly understand customer actions.
Musato Technologies provides a wide range of CRM tailored to well serve the needs and the goals of our clients.

Musato Technologies Accounting Systems

Accounting Systems are systems that include budget, accounts receivable, payroll, asset management and general ledger.
Accounting Systems Components:
Budget processing system:
System that automates many of tasks required to amass budget data, distribute it to users, and consolidate the prepared budgets. The budget is the financial plan that identifies the items and monetized amounts that the organisation estimates it will spend.
Accounts Receivable component:
System that manages the cash flow of the company by keeping track of the money owed the company on charges for goods or products sold as well as the services provided. The accounts receivable component is essential to any organisation as it handles the the cash flow and therefore ensures that the company remains sustainable and profitable.