IT Business systems planning (BSP) is a method of analyzing
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IT Business systems planning

IT Business systems planning (BSP) is a method of analyzing, defining and designing the information architecture of organizations.It is a complex method dealing with interconnected data, processes, strategies, aims and IT Business systemsorganizational departments.

Business systems planning goals are to:

  • Understand issues and opportunities with current applications
  • Develop future technology supporting the enterprise
  • Provide executives with direction and a decision-making framework for IT expenditures
  • Provide information systems (IS) with a developmental blueprint

The result of a BSP project is a technology roadmap aligning investments and business strategy. IT Business systems planning comprises steps, which are classified into three sections by function:


The essential first step in IT Business systems planning is to obtain authorization for the study from management or an interested department.

IT Business Systems Analysis:

The analysis is the most important part of IT Business systems planning. The team searches for an appropriate organizational structure as it defines business strategy, processes and data classes and analyzes current information support.

Defining information architecture

To define an organization’s information architecture, it is necessary to connect the information subsystems using matrix processes and data classes to find appropriate subsystems. The organization then reorders processes according to the product (or service) life cycle.

Establishing IS-development priorities

A number of criteria (costs and development time, for example) establish the best sequence of system implementation. High-priority subsystems may be analyzed more deeply. This information is given to the sponsor, who determines which information subsystems will be developed.

Verifying study impact

An IS planning and management study should be conducted. When the organization has finished its work on processes and data classes, it should explore the functions and goals of the system with a list of requested departmental changes and a cost analysis.

IT Business Systems Proposals

Final recommendations and plans are made for the organization during this step, which encompasses information architecture, IS management and information-subsystem development and includes costs, profits and future activities.


This is the agreement of all interested parties (team, management, and sponsor) on future actions.

Final step

The organization should establish specific responsibilities during the project’s implementation. There is usually a controlling commission, ensuring consistency across the IS. Contact Musato Technologies to find how we can assist your business to grow.

IT Business systems

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