Managed Services for Residential and Enterprise Network
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Managed Services for Residential and Enterprise Network

Modern businesses, organizations, and homes have become increasingly dependent upon well-managed and highly availableNetwork network infrastructures. To get this right, your organization has to strategically architect the network to continuously deliver more and more IT services, as well as manage the network in a way that contains costs and ensures its availability.

The challenge is to do both well, and it’s difficult to remain strategic in your approach to growing the network when your staff must prioritize ‘firefighting’ on an ongoing basis. Sourcing the day-to-day management of your network infrastructure to Musato Technologies allows you to offload IT operations and service management without
compromising either your control of the IT environment or your focus on architectural and network strategy required to meet business goals.

Specifically within IT operations and service management, what’s commonly
required is:
• full-time-support: for organizations that don’t have enough IT resources to provide dedicated 24/7 support
for all technologies deployed in their environment
• cost reduction: by using a managed network service, clients can leverage the scale of the provider to decrease costs
over time
• access to specialized technical and services skills: for clients that lack performance optimization, wireless, or data center networking skills or the IT service management skills to ensure proper management of the environment.
• improvements in the way the regulatory compliance process is managed.
• network management capabilities: unobtainable through current toolset investments.

A simplified vendor environment also makes it easier and more cost-effective to manage your support and maintenance contracts and service levels across all suppliers.

This offers the additional benefit of volume discounts, made possible by economies of scale when you’re procuring services from fewer suppliers. In addition, there are increased the opportunity to purchase an appropriate set of services with fit-for-purpose service levels that take into account business, technical and people considerations.

Musato technologies Managed Services for Enterprise Infrastructure

Obtaining these benefits is not automatic and requires careful selection of the appropriate service provider and service levels.

With our standardized services, you can leverage the advantages that our scale and expertise bring in terms of cost-efficiency, predictability, and repeatability. These services have been optimized to support the key vendors and technologies found in enterprise networks today, however, coverage will expand over time.

Musato Technologies network services cover the following:

  • Network installation and administration
  • Routing
  • Switching
  • Wireless LAN (access points and controllers)
  • Foundational security products (software-enabled security products built into networking devices)
  • VPN concentrators
  • Performance optimization appliances (application delivery controllers and WAN optimization controllers)
  • Load-balancing equipment
  • DNS, DHCP, and IP address management appliances
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Network troubleshooting