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Websites Design and Development

Does your business have an online presence?

An online presence is any existence of an individual or business that can be found via an online search. At Musato Technologies, we assist individuals and businesses like yours take the technological advantage of having a professionally designed and developed website that is both compelling and dynamic. Musato Technologies offers businesses and individuals innovative websites design and development.Websites Design and Development

Before you consider having an online presence, you need to understand how the web works:

When you visit a website, the web server hosting that site could be anywhere in the world. In order for you to find the location of the web server, your browser will first connect to a Domain Name System (DNS) server.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-Websites Design and Development

You need to understand the key concepts so you can improve your website’s visibility on search engines.

The Anatomy of SEO

Search engine optimization (or SEO) is the practice of trying to help your site appear nearer the top of search engine results when people look for the topics that your website covers. At the heart of SEO is the idea of working out which terms people are likely to enter into a search engine to find your site and then using these terms in the right places on your site to increase the chances that search engines will show a link to your site in their results.

In order to determine who comes first in the search results, search engines do not only look at what appears on your site. They also consider how many sites link to you (and how relevant those links are). For this reason, SEO is often split into two areas:

on-page techniques and off-page techniques-Websites Design and Development

On-page techniques are the methods you can use on your web pages to improve their rating in search engines. The main component of this is looking at keywords that people are likely to enter into a search engine if they wanted to find your site, and then including these in the text and HTML code for your site in order to help the search engines know that your site covers these topics.

Search engines rely very heavily on the text that is in your pages so it is important that the terms people are going to search for are in the text. There are seven essential places where you want your keywords to appear.

Ensuring that any images have appropriate text in the value of their alt attribute also helps search engines understand the content of images.

Off-Page Techniques-Websites Design and Development

Getting other sites to link to you is just as important as on-page techniques. Search engines help determine how to rank your site by looking at the number of other sites that link to yours.
They are particularly interested in sites whose content is related to yours. For example, if you were running a website that sold fish bait, then a link from a hairdresser is not likely to be considered as relevant as one from an angling community.

Search engines also look at the words between the opening <a> tag and closing </a> tag in the link. If the text in the link contains keywords (rather than just click here or your website address) it may be considered more relevant.

The words that appear in links to your site should also appear in the text of the page that the site links to.

On-Page SEO

In every page of your website, there are seven key places where keywords (the words people might search on to find your site) can appear in order to improve its findability.

How to Identify Keywords and Phrases?

Determining which keywords to use on your site can be one of the hardest tasks when you start to think about SEO. Here are six steps that will help you identify the right keywords and phrases for your site:

  • Brainstorm

List down the words that someone might type into Google to find your site. Be sure to include the various topics, products or services your site is about.

  • Organize

Group the keywords into separate lists for the different sections or categories of your website.

  • Research

There are several tools that let you enter your keywords and then they will suggest additional keywords you might like to consider, such as or

  • Compare

It is very unlikely that your site will appear at the top of the search results for every keyword. This is especially true
for topics where there is a lot of competition. The more sites out there that have already been optimized for a given keyword, the harder it will be for you to rise up the search results when people search on that term. Some of the keyword research sites can tell you how many people have searched for a specific keyword to help you know how much competition those terms have.

  • Refine

Now you need to pick which keywords you will focus on. These should always be the ones that are most relevant to each section of your site.

  • Map

Now that you have a refined list of keywords, you know which have the most competition, and which ones are most relevant, it is time to start picking which keywords you will use for each page. Pick 3-5 keywords or phrases that map to each page of your website and use these as the keywords for each page.

At Musato Technologies, our engineers ensure that the following specifications and element of  websites design and development are met to help you to improve your web presence:

  • A clear market definition
  • Understandable and appropriate keywords
  • Website and/or social media pages that are properly optimized for the search engines
  • A website and/or social media pages that are aesthetically appealing and properly organized so that any of your
  • visitors immediately understand what your business offers
  • Complete social media profiles
  • A clear focus on your target connections and target market
  • A strategy on how to gain fans, followers and business connections
  • A strategy on how to promote yourself and/or your business and disseminate your marketing messages
  • Compelling content and effective calls-to-action
  • An effective social media marketing campaign for your business
  • A high volume of traffic on a consistent basis
  • Effective lead capture and conversion strategy

Analytics: Learning about your Visitors

Analytics tools such as Google Analytics allow you to see how many people visit your site, how they find it, and what they do when they get there.

As soon as people start coming to your site, you can start analyzing how they found it, what they were looking at and at what point they are leaving. We will set up your website to use Analytics. Contact Musato Technologies to get a quote on Websites Design and Development.

How Many People Are Coming to Your Site?

The overview page gives you a snapshot of the key information you are likely to want to know. In particular, it tells you how many people are coming to your site.