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4 steps to turn website visitors into paying customers

The main aim of the website should be to turn website visitors into customers. A common misconception about websites is that once you have a professional-looking design, you should focus on… Continue reading

What is a cloud-native application?

A cloud-native application is a program that is designed for a cloud computing architecture. These applications are run and hosted in the cloud and are designed to capitalize on the inherent characteristics of a cloud… Continue reading

Static and dynamic code analysis: Complementary techniques

While every programmer wants to deliver high-performing, secure, bug-free and compliant code on the first try, that’s not possible. Effective dynamic code analysis techniques will help.

If you ask development teams what their… Continue reading

Top 5 digital transformation trends in 2022

As organizations move out of crisis mode, CIOs are rethinking their digital transformation strategies: Intelligent search, CDPs, AIOps, DevOps/Agile/ITSM claim the spotlight. These digital transformation trends are reshaping the IT landscape.

It’s hard… Continue reading

An intro to the 5 SOLID principles of object-oriented design

Anyone at least somewhat familiar with the basics of object-oriented design and programming likely knows that this development style has more to do with the underlying design practices than any… Continue reading

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