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In today’s increasingly global and mobile business environment, users expect to connect to applications from wherever they are and expect the same high-performance levels from inside and outside the corporate network. At the same time, many organizations are starting to test the waters of cloud computing and considering a move towards private cloud infrastructures or data centers.

Virtualization technology is being broadly adopted across all industry segments, given its promise of efficiency gains and cost savings. However, its inherent flexibility − involving multiple virtual machines residing on a single server and being automatically provisioned, de-provisioned or migrated between servers, data center racks or even different data center facilities − presents significant challenges to networks.Data centers

Data Centers Network Assessment

Musato Technologies understands that the network forms the foundation of the data centers. The network is the enabling backbone upon which the success of consolidation and virtualization projects and IT departments’ ability to support new application rollouts, traffic growth and increasing numbers of connecting devices depend.

However, limitations in traditional data center networks mean they are rapidly becoming bottlenecks to the creation of efficient and virtualized data centers that can support organizations’ evolving needs. The reasons for this are many. Oftentimes, data center technologies and trends are adopted in a piecemeal fashion, without due consideration of how they will impact the network.

Ongoing innovation in the data center network technology domain has seen the emergence of specialist products that can ensure a stronger and more resilient network architecture. However, many organizations are not aware of these technologies or unsure of which are most appropriate for their environment.

For these reasons, the importance of gaining a thorough understanding of how such projects affect the network and how network architectures need to be geared to ensure the success of the modern data center, should not be underestimated.

Are you planning a data center consolidation or virtualization project? Does your cloud strategy call for a highly available, intelligent data center infrastructure? Are you concerned as to whether you have a comprehensive and actionable strategic roadmap for investment to ensure that your data center network will support these projects? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, Musato Technologies can assist.

Musato technologies Data Centers Network Assessment

Our data centers assessment is designed to assist you in creating such a roadmap, utilizing best practice, market experience, and the latest innovative thinking to ensure your network architecture will meet your current and future business objectives. Specifically, the assessment is designed to deliver the following advantages:

  • Business Agility − more efficient data centers networks provide you with a platform to quickly and easily provision existing and new services.
  • Cost Savings − modern, efficient and converged networks result in lower operating and support costs as well as a long-term reduction in capital expenditure.
  • Virtualisation Support − the network architecture will be optimised to support virtualisation, and will be able to scale to meet virtualisation requirements and growth.
  • Improved Management − consistent network management across the entire network infrastructure results in improved ability to support and monitor the various elements, reducing overall complexity.
  • Improved Performance − enhanced network capacity, along with accelerated application performance and availability combine to provide users with an improved quality of experience when connecting to applications over the network.
  • Business Priorities − deliver efficient and flexible operations to enable business priorities such as improved compliance posture and reduced costs.
  • Enhanced financial planning − budget and financial planning is made easier by the availability of a roadmap that can be used in combination with the business’ strategic planning.

Musato Technologies data centre approach

The Data Centre Network Assessment is aimed at gathering the appropriate insights to allow us to guide you through the process of ensuring your current data centre network architecture and infrastructure will support your existing IT operations and continue to adapt to changing market dynamics and trends.

The assessment involves our undertaking a thorough analysis of your existing data centre network architecture and infrastructure and making appropriate recommendations. Next, these recommendations are aligned with your organisation’s broader IT strategy and business objectives to create a clear roadmap that will assist you in planning and prioritising current and future projects.

The assessment is conducted by an experienced Musato Technologies engineer through a facilitated workshop. The latest technologies and architectures are discussed and explained and their advantages and level of appropriateness to your particular environment are evaluated.

During the workshop, we also explore an organisational-specific scenario in detail. We analyse the information collected against reference architectures and defined best practices. Thereafter, we develop suitable recommendations and actionable roadmaps. The full report is then presented to you during a feedback session.

Included in the scope of the assessment are:

  • Network architecture/s
  • Server access switching (physical and virtual)
  • Network convergence
  • Application delivery infrastructure
  • IP address management infrastructure
  • Data centre interconnect (where multiple data centres exist)

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