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Enterprise Cloud Database for business success

With over 90% of enterprises already using a cloud service, more and more of the infrastructure that supports applications, websites and services is now in the cloud. This includes database environments. This post was… Continue reading

Avoid these app design mistakes to save a cloud budget

Certain oversights during app design can increase cloud costs. Dive into the details of four often-overlooked mistakes, and learn how to avoid them to keep your budget in check. Most… Continue reading

How to manage application security risks and shortcomings

Application security risks are arguably the most critical part of an overall security program. Software is where business transactions happen. It’s where sensitive information is captured, processed and stored. It’s where a… Continue reading

Application security vulnerabilities are often known exploit

All software developers are trained in secure coding. Making sure deployed software is safe from various nefarious threats is always a top priority. Or, at least, it should be a top priority. Many… Continue reading

Investing in network performance management

Network performance management tools can drive operational efficiency and improve network uptime, but many network managers haven’t adopted such tools. The potential benefits of a performance management tool are substantial, but network managers must make… Continue reading

Future-proof your business with digital technology

Digital technology is transforming the way companies operate and do business around the world. Many sectors are experiencing change or transformation brought about by new technologies or new business models.

The good news is… Continue reading

Keep an application protected anywhere, anytime with Musato Technologies

Digital transformation is increasing an organization’s dependency on applications. As a result, there is an increase in cyberattacks on applications that can result in data loss, performance, and availability issues. The… Continue reading

Disruptive technologies that are making headlines in 2021

The year 2020 has been pretty tough on the global economy and industrial sectors. But it was more than just an unstable year; it witnessed several digital and technological advancements as a… Continue reading

The 5 Best Data Visualization Tools For Every Business

With droves of data, these data visualization tools offer a comprehensive look at ongoing operations and forecasts to help teams thrive in the digital transformation age.

In the age of accelerated… Continue reading

What does Flexible IT really Mean?

Uncertainty and change mean the IT organization, and its service delivery capabilities must be more flexible. Multi-year IT planning cycles have become outdated almost overnight. Organizations need the agility to deploy, scale, and de-provision… Continue reading

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