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How to create a mobile app for business

Regularly updated mobile applications are becoming essential for businesses. The first step for SMBs is knowing all the options for building and maintaining mobile apps. This post explores creating a mobile app… Continue reading

10 questions to boost your tech security

What’s the biggest tech security problem that business owners face? If you said computer hackers, guess again. The biggest problems, by far, come from a company’s own employees. The good news: They’re… Continue reading

Web Design company in Durban

Your website is like your shop window on the internet, except unlike a real shop window, it’s not simply there for people to peer into. It’s often the first interaction that prospective customers have with… Continue reading

A Primer for MSPs and Other Tech Companies

Unsurprisingly, I get asked “What is Web3?” a lot these days along with “What happened to blockchain?,” “What is the metaverse?,” and “Are NFTs legit?”

Before we answer these questions, let me… Continue reading

Boost Your Business Technologies with Musato Technologies

Musato Technologies offers ICT services and solutions to empower businesses to adopt digital transformation to boost efficiency, productivity, performance and profitability. The adequate adoption and implementation of business technologies can increase competitiveness and… Continue reading

4 steps to turn website visitors into paying customers

The main aim of the website should be to turn website visitors into customers. A common misconception about websites is that once you have a professional-looking design, you should focus on… Continue reading

Musato Technologies, the leading companies in South Africa

Musato Technologies is one of the leading companies in South Africa that provides innovative and custom web solutions, ecommerce services, online services, business and mobile application development, managed IT support, networking and… Continue reading

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