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SEO Services

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of using keywords and other techniques to ensure a company’s website ranks high in search engine results (and therefore gets high volumes of visitor traffic). It is a form of online marketing.

Websites that are “optimized” and have high search engine rankings tend to:

Use words and phrases (keywords) that are known to be heavily searched by users and help distinguish a company from its competitors
Have pages that load quickly and work properly (e.g., no broken links or elements)
Have other sites linking to them (which shows that their site is trustworthy)
Refresh their content on a regular basis (which encourages other sites to link to it)

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an online marketing strategy that helps companies attract and engage customers by publishing content specific to their interests and needs—e.g., blogs, articles, videos, social media posts, infographics and white papers.

This content is posted or shared on the web, through social media or via a content syndication platform (an online service that pushes content to different sites). Companies use content to raise their profile among potential customers and demonstrate expertise and leadership in their field, which also helps maintain the loyalty of existing customers.

By regularly publishing content, a company can become a trusted source of information so that when it is time for customers to make a buying decision, they think of that company first.

Importantly, the content created for content marketing should not be overly promotional. It focuses on delivering information of value to readers, not on advertising products or services to them.

More about content marketing
Many companies use editorial calendars to help them organize their ideas, publish new content regularly and have a high-level view of the messages they are putting out.