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Online domain maturity: Your kingdom is your domain

When a new business is created, much thought goes into what it should be called. Even before the internet became
a shop window and trade floor for the majority of businesses, choosing a company name could be problematic; was
it already registered somewhere? was it copyrighted? Today, there is also the need to obtain the rights to online domain names that exactly or closely match the company name.Online Domain

For organizations with global aspirations, despite all the new domain extensions (.city, .bio, .market etc.), only .com
will do. Others may want their domain to appear more local, .fr, .de, and so on. Once settled on, the
reputation of an organization’s online domain will form an essential part of its overall reputation. If web sites or
online applications perform poorly, or their security is compromised, the domain reputation and, therefore, overall
brand, suffers.

For the majority, the internet is now essential to transacting with consumers and other businesses. For some, it is everything, the full extent of their kingdom that needs protecting at all costs. Too many are still not doing this adequately. Continue reading