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Musato Technologies develops one-of-a-kind custom business applications solutions that help you succeed in the digital economy. Musato Technologies application development team will assist your business to conceptualize, design, build and maintain custom applications that run on any device as well as on-premises infrastructure (native apps), cloud, or hybrid environments.

Business Applications Development  Overview

When exactly did the whole world change? Was it the rise of the internet? The cloud? The smartphone? Or was it Business Applicationsthat moment when savvy innovators realized they could take advantage of all three to transform the way we work, connect, and live?

Apps are the engine of this revolution. In one industry after another, established giants have watched their dominant positions vanish as startups, fueled by apps, have disrupted long-established ways of doing business. Uber is often cited as the poster child for this new way of thinking — a startup with virtually no assets or market presence that overturned an entire industry overnight. But Uber was just the beginning.

The rate of change — and the heat of competition — is only accelerating. To stand out in this environment — and head off unplanned obsolescence — every organization needs to refocus its entire business on the only thing that matters: the customer. Customers expect a higher level of service and a more engaging experience — from every department, person, and touchpoint across your enterprise. In short, nothing less than best in a class delivered fast, will do anymore.

Meeting these high expectations requires finding new and effective ways to deliver value faster — regardless of legacy technologies and complex environments — by connecting with the customer in real time, using the cloud, social, mobile, data science, and the internet of things (IoT) channels.

This the process is known as digital transformation. Because of digital experiences, like apps, are increasingly the single-most common way your customers interact with your brand, you need to deliver apps — apps for your
customer, apps for your internal departments, and apps for your partners — that are richer, more engaging, more sophisticated, and more connected.

Inside these pages, you’ll discover why Salesforce App Cloud is the fastest way to build, connect, optimize, and deploy every kind of app. App Cloud allows anyone in your organization — from professional developers to admins — to build apps. That means you can accelerate your digital transformation so you can streamline processes, boost productivity, disrupt your industry, and get closer to your customers than ever before.