Musato Technologies provides tailored Technical IT Support
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Musato Technologies provides tailored Technical IT Support

The pace at which businesses operate and run today doesn’t allow for downtime and hiatus. An interruption in IT Supportactivities or productivity caused by a technical problem can be costly and detrimental to the business success. When systems go off-line, productivity drops, time and money go to waste and opportunities are lost. Hence, Musato Technologies is your partner of choice in providing you with IT support that guarantees that your organization runs efficiently.

The problem is a considerable number of downtime is caused by human lapse and inadvertence. This is often not covered by standard maintenance contracts, a dedicated and qualified IT support structure. These can be heavy on the pocket with some organizations and businesses spending as much as 3 times more on in-house support than on maintenance of vendor technologies within their environments. “and make a huge dent in available resources”.It’s a question of finding the right fit; of balancing cost and risk.

In large organizations, a diverse IT asset register is a daunting installed base of devices and licenses from various vendors – each at a different stage of life. That is, assuming the registry is accurate, up to date, and provides lifecycle visibility. Musato Technologies assists organizations in managing and maintaining their IT environment and systems at an optimum level of efficiency and performance capability.

If a critical device malfunctions, and it’s not covered by the support agreement, the cost of repairs comes out of company coffers. This may wreak havoc on the budget and expose the business to further risk. Worse still, a license that expires puts the business in jeopardy of legal penalties, over and above the cost of renewal.

Providing in-house support also comes with its own set of challenges and hindrances. When IT support contracts are ill-fitting, the decision might be to drive support in-house and the more this happens the larger the IT department needs to be to cope with the demand. Big IT departments are costly to operate and manage, requiring scarce and expensive skills and resources.

Then there’s the complexity of managing various maintenance contracts from a range of providers. The more there are the more challenging it is to achieve and manage an optimal standard of service across all of them. Multiple contracts also imply multiple points of contact, which increases the complexity of the environment and increases the risk of purchasing unnecessary services and having sub-optimal service levels owing to the competing priorities of different providers. Musato Technologies provides a comprehensive technical IT support that free the clients from the nightmare of having to manage multiple service providers.

Musato Tech approach and the IT Support Assessment

IT support and maintenance within your IT operation offers compelling advantages. Musato Technologies assists your organization in accelerating digital transformation towards that goal via our IT Support Assessment.

It’s all about minimizing the cost and risk as well as optimizing your return on investment in ICT services and equipment. Our tailored approach and IT Support Assessment will help you strike a more accurate balance.This ensures that your IT support and maintenance contracts are better aligned with your commercial and business objectives.

Musato Technologies analyses your current IT environment systems and device installed base. We prepare a full review, the IT Support.  Our detailed assessment outlines the best way to maintain, upgrade or replace your assets, in light of your business needs and requirements.

We assist organizations both in public and private sectors in making proactive upgrade decisions and identifying opportunities to consolidate functions within their IT environment. This approach greatly reduces the need for expensive in-house skills. In turn, you’ll be able to plan and budget for the future with greater accuracy, avoiding unexpected and escalating expenses.

We’ll provide you with the necessary resources to address more than hardware issues while keeping costs low. And you’ll be able to buy only the services you really need, driving down spending even further.

Musato Technologies also offers the right IT monitoring tools that can reduce costs, mitigate risks and support optimal business performance. Our IT monitoring allows you to connect data from a wide variety of IT devices and applications to give you timely reports and updates of your IT environment and infrastructures.

We give you the deep information technology monitoring required to observe the performance of your network and IT environment and make informed decisions to prevent costly downtime.