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Cross-platform app development tools

How to choose cross-platform application development tools

There is a number of cross-platform app development tools to help you find which application development software is best for your company. Companies are no longer running on single platforms such as Windows.… Continue reading

Mobile application for business

The digital transformation of business with a mobile application

Today, the mobile application has become a critical channel for customer outreach, partner access, and new business opportunities. In fact, they have become the strategic initiative for all digital organizations looking to drive the… Continue reading

Mobile applications for business development

Musato Technologies builds innovative mobile applications for business

Building an enterprise mobile applications for business takes more than just assembling a collection of files. Developers must take into account a wide range of considerations to ensure they create an app that workers… Continue reading

Developing mobile apps for enterprise

IT’s options for developing mobile apps and deploying them to users

Everyone wants apps, but it isn’t always so simple to get them into users’hands. Read through to learn about developing mobile apps for the enterprise.

There are so many options… Continue reading

Mobile apps and business big data

Mobile apps and big data fuel this company’s growth

A new generation of mobile apps is attracting strong demand from insurers. It was way back in the 1990s when Paul-André Savoie had his first taste of how powerful mobile technology could… Continue reading

Enterprise mobility management

Enterprise Mobility Management Software

First, there was mobile device management, the mobile application management, and enterprise mobility software management. Now EMM suites are evolving into unified endpoint management platforms.

Get ready for some significant changes in the way enterprises manage… Continue reading

Mobile app testing

Checklist for mobile app testing: 12 gaps to look out for

The mobile software introduces its own unique set of failure modes. So many that even the most effective automation tools and emulators can’t replicate the conditions of every single… Continue reading

Mobile apps for business

What developers need to know about building mobile apps for business

Building an enterprise mobile apps for business takes more than just assembling a collection of files. Developers must take into account a wide range of considerations to ensure they create an app… Continue reading

Design thinking

Design thinking ensures a better mobile user experience

The best IT shops know how to apply design thinking to the mobile app development process, keeping the mobile user experience at the forefront.

Delivering a strong mobile user experience is critical… Continue reading

Mobile Application Delivery

Mobile Application Delivery: The Next Frontier

With the influx of mobile devices and applications entering enterprises, IT departments have a new mandate: to securely and efficiently deliver reliable applications to end users.- Mobile Application DeliveryMobile Application Delivery

App Delivery Poses Mobile Management, Security Challenges

The consumerization of IT, including the bring your own device trend, has forced enterprises to reexamine how they provide access to corporate applications and data. Employees are more comfortable finding and using apps and storing data in the cloud, but IT administrators still need to maintain proper control and regulatory compliance.

Application and desktop virtualization, BYOD and the cloud all promise to make admins’ lives easier, but IT must first determine how applications will be delivered, how mobile apps and devices will be managed, and how to maintain security amid a diversifying IT landscape. This updated handbook looks at the best approaches to take when delivering mobile applications.

In this blog post, consultant Robert Sheldon examines options for mobile application delivery. App stores, private clouds, Web apps and desktop virtualization each offer different pros and cons, but you’ll have to weigh ease
of management and security for your own environment. Continue reading