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Enterprise Applications

7 Ways Cloud ERP Helps Organizations Build Resilience

Delivering organizational visibility, mission-critical data on a single platform, and supporting collaboration across remote workforces, cloud ERP (enterprise resource planning) platforms help companies make quick decisions in today’s unpredictable business environment.

When… Continue reading

Mobile Enterprise Apps: The User’s View

The addictiveness of smartphones is enabled, in part, by the intimacy of the user experience (UX)—the principle upon which mobile enterprise apps were founded. “There’s an app for that”™ thinking resulted in single-task-based applications… Continue reading

Making a Successful Move to the Cloud for Core Enterprise Applications

The cloud architecture makes a difference for core enterprise applications strengths and migration success.

Where Do Core Enterprise Applications Belong?

IT leaders are caught in a dilemma when it comes to deployment… Continue reading

Three smart enterprise productivity apps

Boomerang, Otter, and Voicera are three new-breed voice and AI enterprise productivity apps to help you get more done.

Better email: Boomerang – Enterprise productivity apps

Boomerang (free) is an alternative email client that adds… Continue reading

Successful Move to the Cloud for Core Enterprise Applications

The cloud architecture makes a difference in application strengths and migration success.

Where Do Core Applications Belong? IT leaders are caught in a dilemma when it comes to deployment of core Enterprise Applications enterprise applications. One side is continuing the expensive and time-intensive effort to maintain and adapt legacy applications, even though it seems they increasingly hinder business activity rather than help it. – Enterprise Applications 

The other side is adopting new applications that run in the cloud—an environment that offers promising potential, but is also unfamiliar and may be perceived as risky. Until recently, enterprises used the cloud only for new applications or for those specific to an individual department or business unit. Now, with the growing strength of cloud application offerings, enterprises are starting to consider replacing the core applications traditionally hosted in on-premises systems and put those in the cloud, too.

The success of any move to the cloud depends in part on the architecture that underlies the cloud service or application. When looking at potential cloud solutions for core systems, it is important to understand the different cloud architectures and how they impact application capabilities and performance—and the difference that makes for migration from current systems. Continue reading