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Computer Networks

Evaluating Three Popular Automation Network Methods

Today, business agility and operational agility are critical to success. Enterprise IT and service provider operations teams are turning to network automation as a way to meet their agility goals.

But before they can even start,… Continue reading

Make your computer networks and tool ROI stronger

Managing the long-term cost of computer networks security and monitoring tools is important. Simply put, tools are expensive. This is why up to 65% of businesses need to extend the life of their… Continue reading

WiFi Protected Access (WPA) overview

WiFi Protected Access (WPA) is a security standard for users of computing devices equipped with wireless internet connections. WPA was developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance to provide more sophisticated data encryption and better user authentication… Continue reading

Passive optical LAN: When network speed, bandwidth and security matter

Copper-based local area networks are increasingly unfit for purpose in a digital enterprise, but passive optical LANs may be a solution. Tech evangelist Paul Ryan, European chair of the Association… Continue reading

Balancing automated vs. manual network configuration management

Is there still a place for learning manual network configuration management in a world where networks are throttling toward automation? Sure — but how much is enough?

Should we be teaching people how… Continue reading

What WANs are and where they’re headed?

WANs connect smaller networks across long distances and their architecture, protocols, and technologies have evolved to their latest incarnation, SD-WAN – Wide area networks

If it weren’t for wide-area networks, it wouldn’t be possible to create… Continue reading

5 ways to maximize the value of security & network monitoring tools

Deriving more value from your tool investments

Return on investment (ROI) is an important factor for new technology purchase decisions. However, having invested in many security and network… Continue reading