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What Is a Network Packets Broker?

Keeping networks safe and users thriving amid the relentless flux requires a host of sophisticated tools performing real-time analysis. Your monitoring infrastructure might feature network packets and application performance monitors, data recorders, and traditional… Continue reading

How and where to use serverless computing

Serverless computing is designed to automate infrastructure provisioning and eliminate the burden of server management. Is your organization ready to go serverless? The trend toward serverless computing is clearly on the rise, but… Continue reading

VoIP technologies and phone services for your business

Voice over IP (VoIP technologies) has gone from alternative technology to the primary way that businesses and many homes implement voice communications. However, as VoIP evolves its features and capabilities finding the… Continue reading

ICT services multisourcing

a model for Successful IT Sourcing

Success in today’s business environment is dependent on the development of more innovative and holistic IT sourcing strategies which attend to all the business’s needs – both in the short and… Continue reading

Enterprise mobile management: Where do we go from here?

Traditional enterprise mobile management is no practical. There is a new era of device management coming, and you better get ready for it. Mobile has become a mainstream tool for the vast… Continue reading

Big data challenges traditional data modeling techniques

The onslaught of big data, with its high data volumes and diverse data structures, has given rise to new technologies in the form of NoSQL, Hadoop, Spark and the like. NoSQL, particularly, calls for changes… Continue reading

Business Digital Transformation offers New Opportunities

Industry historically has run on the concept of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Companies that had found success with a process or technology were content to maintain their status quo, and it… Continue reading

How to use innovative information technology to improve your profits

Innovative information technology can be an effective way to make your company more productive and profitable. Whether it’s integrating your processes, enhancing your marketing abilities, better managing receivables or improving supply chain… Continue reading

Enterprise Mobility Management Software

First, there was mobile device management, the mobile application management, and enterprise mobility software management. Now EMM suites are evolving into unified endpoint management platforms.

Get ready for some significant changes in the way enterprises manage… Continue reading

Top architecture choices for enterprise software development

The best architecture choices for enterprise software development are those that keep business priorities in mind. For the best results opt for technology that emphasizes scalability, performance, security, and cost.

Enterprise software needs… Continue reading