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Reliability With SaaS Services From Musato Tech

When it comes to SaaS services, reliability is a cornerstone. In relinquishing control of your software’s operations, you need a partner that you can trust to ensure the consistent availability and performance of your solutions. Without this, the convenience and simplicity of SaaS mean nothing. Musato technologies is a dependable partner when it comes to hosting and managing SaaS solutions.

Our SaaS offerings provide you with the necessary reliability and availability requirements to give you the confidence that your employees have access to your software, at any time, from anywhere.

Our always-on monitoring processes and technologies give you peace of mind knowing that your software is constantly being supervised and optimized. In addition, our comprehensive Trust Site provides the software
performance visibility you need.

SaaS Services

Here are some key highlights of how Musato Technologies SaaS services assurance is set up and managed. High availability and redundancy We’re committed to ensuring that your business-critical software is continuously up and running.

SaaS solutions from Musato Technologies operate at near-100 percent service availability levels that we have a history of meeting and exceeding. Matching penalties are triggered if the service does not meet our committed service levels.
We deploy our SaaS services and solutions in a load-balanced and highly available infrastructure that’s designed to handle heavy traffic and eliminate single points of failure at any level of the deployment architecture.

Failure detection capabilities exist within each tier, and once activated, send instant alerts to the Network Operations Center (NOC) facility for correction. Additionally, failures are automatically contained, as redundant data backup allows single instances to fail without any impact on the service or user experience.

Always-on monitoring

The availability and performance of our SaaS solutions are monitored from multiple sources using industry-standard technologies, giving you the peace of mind that your software is operating at peak performance.

Network Operations Center (NOC)

Our 24×7 service monitoring and help desk center ensures that our services are operating adeptly. A dedicated and trained team of solution experts analyze and respond to automated monitoring alerts. Musato Technologies
has NOC locations representatives or partners within each geographic region, allowing for a follow-the-sun model of facility operations that ensures customers have 24x7x365 support.

These centers are situated in secure locations with mandatory electronic badge access that is only granted to privileged individuals.

Trust Site – SaaS Services

Musato Technologies prides itself on offering tremendous transparency and visibility into our SaaS availability levels. We’ve created a comprehensive trust site that allows visitors to see service availability levels across our SaaS offerings, as well as any service notifications or updates.

You can also log in to My SaaS to see a filtered dashboard that displays near-real-time availability details of your specific SaaS products.

Data resiliency

Periodic data backups are performed automatically and allow for one or more data recovery points, giving you the confidence that your data won’t be lost. SaaS solutions from Musato Technologies come equipped with built-in data resiliency, achieved by automatically performing periodic customer data and configuration backups that create multiple service recovery points.

These are essential to business continuity and disaster recovery plans and, upon a customers’ request, can also be utilized to restore service to a previous state, if supported by the application.

Backup and restoration

Data backups are separately managed for each SaaS solution in order to meet the unique requirements of the solution’s software and environment. The following are some examples of backup and restoration procedures inherent in our SaaS offering:
• Off-site backups. As part of the business continuity plan, backups are replicated via a secure connection to an alternate location.
• Recurring backups. All customer data is routinely backed up and safely stored on a near-daily basis.
• Retention period. For some SaaS offerings, multiple data backup points are stored for a defined retention period during which you can roll back to a previous backup point. Depending on how the offering is set up, the rollback can include the full service or service for individual customers only.
• Storage policies. In case of disaster, additional backups may be stored off-site with accredited third-party storage entities (where applicable). When taken out of service, media management policies and procedures are used to store backups and manage storage devices.
• Customer restoration requests. For some SaaS offerings, customers are entitled to request a data restoration within a specific retention period. A customer-requested restore may require the customer to pay for the service; please contact your Musato Technologies representative for more information.

Disaster recovery

Musato Technologies’s SaaS operations team manages the services necessary to restore your data as soon as possible following a disaster-type event. A disaster recovery plan is regularly tested and updated to ensure optimal execution in restoring service should a natural or artificial disaster compromise a customer’s primary processor.

The plan is based on two key metrics: recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO). The RPO measures the maximum amount of recoverable pre-existing data, prior to the disaster, and the RTO measures the target restoration time of the service following a disaster. Achieving
these benchmarks is our main goal when facing a disaster recovery situation. Contact Musato Technologies to learn more about our SaaS services and other innovative IT solutions to boost your business productivity, security, and performance. Get a quote today.

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