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New Security Requirements for Microsoft Outlook

Gmail Access From Email Accounts to Cease on June 30, 2024

Microsoft is set to implement novel security protocols that will preclude users of from accessing their Gmail inboxes. Effective June 30, if you wish to utilize Outlook for managing your Gmail account emails, you must transition to the Android, iOS, or Outlook for Windows or Mac applications. Here’s a detailed briefing on the impending changes.

In an official blog post titled “Keeping our Outlook Personal Email Users Safe: Reinforcing Our Commitment to Security,” David Los, a Microsoft employee contributing to the Microsoft Tech Community website, delineated a series of measures designed to bolster the security of Outlook users.

In a manner akin to the updates for Google Workspace users regarding Gmail access with basic authentication, Microsoft is similarly phasing out less secure methods for accessing emails, documents, calendars, and contacts.

Microsoft Outlook

The Security Modifications Enacted by Microsoft

To align with the Secure Future Initiative, which guarantees security by design, default, and operation, Microsoft is rolling out three key security changes. These include the discontinuation of personal Outlook logins that rely solely on a username and password for authentication, the simplified version of the Outlook web application, and the cessation of support for Mail and Calendar apps.

This implies that any user not employing ‘modern authentication’ methods, such as OAuth, two-factor authentication (2FA), and additional backend processes, will no longer be able to access their, Hotmail, or email via those applications. This also encompasses users’ ability to access their Gmail accounts through Outlook’s left rail.

The Countdown to Authentication Changes

Microsoft has established a timeline for these alterations, and for Gmail access within, the deadline is imminent. The Gmail restrictions commence on June 30, necessitating a switch to the Outlook apps for Windows or Mac if this access is crucial for you.

The deprecation of the simplified version of the Outlook web application follows on August 19, while basic authentication for Outlook personal email accounts will be phased out starting September 16. Post this date, Microsoft mandates that all users with a Microsoft email account use a mail or calendar app or the website that supports modern authentication, including the latest versions of Outlook, Apple Mail, or Thunderbird.

Preparing for Outlook’s Transition

Microsoft advises users to download one of the free Outlook apps for Android and iOS or the apps for Windows and Mac. Using the version of Outlook included in a Microsoft 365 subscription, or purchasing a new Outlook license is also recommended. Notably, users on Outlook 2021 (build 11601.10000 or higher) remain unaffected.

Though these changes may pose an inconvenience for many users, the underlying intent is justified: compromised credentials are a frequent vector for account breaches, and enhancing security is beneficial regardless of the email applications you employ.

Additionally, this shift will impact customized personal and business email accounts that do not support the latest email encryption protocols. Contact Musato Technologies today to learn more about our ICT services and solutions.

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