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Building your local SEO presence

You have a newly designed website and you are now looking for ways to keep improving your search rankings and bring more qualified traffic to your website because more qualified traffic equals more sales.- Local SEO presence

If your company welcomes clients on its premises, whether it is a restaurant, a retail store, a gym, an art gallery or any other brick-and-mortar business, the name of the game is local SEO.

Keep in mind that search engines aim to provide the most relevant answer to every search request. To do that, they look for signals of relevancy everywhere. This includes your website (obviously), your social media channels, directories and any other website linking to yours.

Here are a few tips to optimize your website so it ranks higher in local search results.

What is qualified traffic?

Qualified traffic is visits to your website that turn into sales or other lead generation metrics you measure.

It is no secret that Google favors mobile-optimized websites. Regardless of whether or not you have a local business, mobile is more important than ever. This said, if your business is innately local, you can expect a greater chunk of your traffic to come from people searching for your products or services on mobile devices near you.

This means your website must display information properly on smaller screens. You must also make sure your website loads very quickly since people have less patience on a mobile device.

Set up your Google My Business page

When Google receives a search request including a local intent, it will include a little map in the search results with a list of businesses that might respond to your need. For example, this is the result of a search for “IT companies” in Durban.

Local SEO presence

                                                                              IT companies in Durban, Google search results

IT companies in the area who have set up their Google My Business page will show up on that list. The ones that optimized their page will likely appear near the top of the list. Notice how the map is displayed above all organic results. This is the best free placement on the page and is much easier to achieve than reaching the top of organic search results. If you type the keywords ” IT companies in Durban”, you will notice, that Musato Technologies appears both on Google Map as well on right on top of the search results, this indicates that Musato Technologies website is fully optimized organically. Contact Musato Technologies today to get a quote on how you can optimize your website to boost your online presence.

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