How an IP Communications solution can drive increased productivity and revenue
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How an IP Communications solution can drive increased productivity and revenue

It’s essential in today’s digital workplace for everyone to be connected throughout the enterprise, helping increase collaboration and the sharing of information and ideas. Better collaboration with the latest IP communications technologies can give you productivity improvements and a competitive edge.

As essential as connectivity is today, it will be even more critical in tomorrow’s workplace. In a recent Harvard Business Review survey, 48% of respondents indicated “extensive use” of mobile/remote work processes and technologies in their work groups, with another 41% indicating “moderate use.”

Workers are becoming more mobile. To keep them collaborating, businesses have to keep them connected. One important way to increase connectivity is to take advantage of IP communications. This article looks at how an IP communications solution can overcome a number of business challenges and connect everyone in your changing
workforce to advance your business.

Business Challenge: Inflexible Systems Solution

An IP communications system provides the flexibility to rightsize your company’s network and use resources moreIP Communications
efficiently. A cloud-based solution enables you to expand or contract your network as your business needs change. You can add capacity quickly and easily to accommodate new employees or prepare for business spikes, and you can reduce that capacity during slower times or when you cut back on your workforce. The result? A more efficient network with the agility and flexibility to meet your company needs.

Business Challenge: Prohibitive Expenses Solution

An IP communications network helps control costs by consolidating phone and data communications into one plan
that can also increase productivity.

Business Challenge: Unfamiliar Technology Solution

IP communications providers that offer complete solutions include training and customer support, helping new
the technology integrates seamlessly into your business. These value-added services can ease the conversion to a new
network and the burden on your overtaxed IT department.

Business Challenge: Decentralized System Management Solution

With an IP communications network, your IT staff can use a web portal on the internet to manage the company’s
needs from virtually anywhere. They can evaluate end-user requirements across the business and change services at
any location with an internet connection. This flexibility helps improve productivity in day-to-day operations.

Business Challenge: Network Outages Solution

If disasters or extreme weather cause outages, an IP communications network can easily reroute calls to another
location, to a mobile phone or to a third-party answering service. Some services let you move phones to alternate
locations and continue working with any internet connection.

Business Challenge: Disconnected Workplaces Solution

An IP communications network is easy to extend beyond one location. IP communications systems let multiple
locations share a centralized phone system, giving you seamless communication. Whether your people are in the same building or in different cities, an IP network can connect them all like they’re in one office. As they continue to become more mobile, this ability will become critical to keeping your team connected.

Business Challenge: Remote Connectivity Gaps Solution

Remote employees and business travelers can log into the company’s IP communications network and make calls
using the system located at the home office. This is important because 95% of organizations consider their contingent workforces vital to overall business success and nearly 70% expect to increase them.

With an IP communications network, you give mobile workers the freedom to remain productive while in the field, at a remote office, on a trip, at home or anywhere they can connect to the internet.

A free flow of ideas and information is essential to modern business. Open communication leads to more collaboration, which helps increase productivity and revenue. Any obstacle that stands in the way of connectivity is, therefore, an obstacle to your business’s success. Musato Technologies IP communications systems remove that obstacle.

IP communications networks help today’s companies become better connected to both their customers and their employees, driving a competitive advantage over businesses with traditional, outdated technology.

IP  communications networks are flexible and efficient, enabling you to right-size your system based on your
business’s specific needs. This means you can control costs without decreasing quality or connectivity. Contact Musato Technologies to learn how IP communications solution can help your business growth, efficiency, and performance.

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