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Innovative mobile app and software development solutions

Musato Technologies has a team of Innovative mobile app development who are well-versed in the latest technologies and frameworks to provide you with a quality product. Our team of experts and app developers create high-quality apps that are innovative, intuitive and user-friendly, and customers oriented.

We build innovative mobile applications for iOS, Android, wearable devices, and many more platforms. We also offer custom application development services for enterprise platforms at affordable and competitive prices.

Various project engagement models

Musato Technologies offers a variety of engagement models to best suit your business needs.

  • Dedicated development team: Our clients can opt for a dedicated team of developers who will work on their projects. The entire development process is handled internally and we provide the highest level of support throughout the project lifecycle, from initial planning to final delivery. Musato Technologies does not outsource its products and solutions. 
  • Staff augmentation: This model involves hiring additional resources for specific periods to increase productivity and streamline your workflow. It can be used at any stage during the development cycle—for example, you may want someone available full-time during the alpha phase or beta testing but not necessarily after launch; or you may need people with specific technical skillsets at certain times during production (such as when working with third-party APIs).
  • Time and material (T&M): This term refers specifically to how much money has been allocated per hour spent working on a project instead of having fixed pricing agreements beforehand like some other models do (see below). The number of hours spent every month will vary based on how many tasks need completing within that time-frame; therefore, companies using this method usually have multiple projects going at once so they can switch between them whenever necessary without losing any momentum toward completing all tasks within budget constraints.

A dedicated team of professionals

We have a dedicated team of professionals, which consists of app developers, analysts, and designers. We have the technical expertise in all major technologies and platforms. Our experienced, talented, and creative team works closely with you to deliver high-quality, cost-effective, and time-bound solutions that will enable you to achieve your goals.

NDA agreement as per your requirements

Let’s start with the basics. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a contract between two parties, in which one of them agrees not to disclose any information about the other party’s business. It can be used to protect trade secrets or confidential information shared during negotiations.
In simple terms, it’s a contract that prevents one party from sharing sensitive information with another party for a set period, often under penalty of law.
A good NDA should include:

  • A confidentiality clause specifies what kind of information is protected by non-disclosure (e.g., trade secrets) and how long such protection lasts (e.g., five years).
  • An arbitration clause, allows both parties to enter into binding arbitration instead of going through lengthy legal proceedings if they disagree on something covered by the NDA signed by them both before any work begins on developing an app idea together or after completion when trying out new features that may infringe upon your existing IP rights as well as those belonging another company involved in the development process; this way you can save yourself a fortune.

The mobile app development firm, an application development company

With a dedicated team of professionals, the company will provide you with various project engagement models to choose from. They also offer NDA agreements as per your requirements.

Contact Musato Technologies or get a quote today to assist you to turn your ideas into a successful product. We are one of the leading ICT companies and a mobile app development firm that offers you innovative and world-class mobile app development solutions. Our app developers are waiting to provide you with a stunning and great quality product.

Siphumelele Sipika
Author: Siphumelele Sipika

Siphumelele Sipika is the Chief Operation Officer (COO) and the Administrator at Musato Technologies. She also holds the position of the Director. She is a visionary leader and a technologist who is driven and passionate about digital transformation and the role of ICT that plays in improving economies and communities throughout Africa and the globe at large.

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