How to Edit a PDFPDF (portable document format) is an open-source format so while Adobe Acrobat is popular, it’s far from the only program out there. Let’s start with Adobe first, though.

Adobe Acrobat
If you’ve gotten really lucky, you’re working with an unlocked PDF and editing it is as simple as opening the PDF, selecting Tools, Content Editing, and the Edit Text & Images tool. Just click on the areas you wish to edit and the tools you need will appear.

If the PDF is locked, you can try to select copy it, create a new document, and then paste the content in. Go to Edit, then Select All, right click and choose Copy. Go to File, then New, right click, and then choose Paste. Be sure to save the document.

Free PDF Editors
Download a free PDF editor; LibreOffice is a good one. Open up LibreOffice, then go to File, Open, and select the PDF you wish to work with. When you go to edit the document, the tools you need will appear automatically. To save, select the PDF icon in the toolbar, name the PDF, and click Save.

You’ve tried to straight edit the PDF, you tried copying it, and no dice. It’s time to move on to PDFUnlock. This is a browser-based solution where you can either type in the URL of the PDF, select it from your desktop, or upload it from Dropbox or Google Drive. Then select Unlock. When PDFUnlock is done, save the file and open it for editing in whatever PDF editor you have.

Microsoft Word
Another method involves converting the PDF to Word and then editing in that program. This is doable in Word 2013 and you can see our complete guide on converting a PDF into a Word doc.

Small PDF

Smallpdf is the platform that makes it super easy to convert and edit all your PDF files. Solving all your PDF problems in one place. The good news is the Small PDF is free and I highly recommend it. Visit Small PDF website:

One last word of advice is: be prepared for things to get messy. Once you’ve started shimmying around in a nice, ordered PDF, it’s hard to set things right again. Contact Musato Technologies today to find out how we can assist your business.