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In the mobile device world, there is no such thing as one size fits all. Although just two mobile Platforms dominate the market today – Android and iOS – applications will need to work well on devices of all shapes… Continue reading

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Reliability With SaaS Services From Musato Tech

When it comes to SaaS services, reliability is a cornerstone. In relinquishing control of your software’s operations, you need a partner that you can trust to ensure the consistent availability and performance of… Continue reading

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Transforming the corporate WAN for business success

Digital technology and the cloud have transformed the way businesses are run and how they connect with employees, suppliers, partners, and customers—across sites and geographies. However, the corporate WAN is not yet the… Continue reading

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Data Center Solutions for thriving businesses

The world is becoming hyper-networked as more and more devices are connected to the Internet. From mobile devices to smart appliances, the total number of connected devices is expected to surpass 50
billion units… Continue reading

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Gain an edge on IoT storage solutions

Who doesn’t want their car to do some of the driving for them? And wouldn’t most people like to be sure their credit card isn’t used for fraudulent purchases? Activities such as these… Continue reading

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How can SaaS solutions help you deliver business-critical software?

In today’s application economy, more and more businesses consider the SaaS solutions model to be far more convenient than hosting software on-premises.

SaaS solutions

However, you can only truly benefit from SaaS if… Continue reading

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The significance of the web visual experience

In recent years, the way people consume online content has become increasingly visual. Today, the web visual experience on a website or app has a direct effect on the conversion rate. New Age… Continue reading

Agile Development — Why requirements matter

The clear benefits of agile development — better collaboration, incremental delivery, early error detection, and the elimination of unnecessary work—have made it the default approach for many teams. Agile methods are also being adopted… Continue reading

Musato Technologies assists companies with application modernization

Musato Technologies is a software development company that provides innovative and tailored solutions that answer the need for organizations to rapidly digitize products and business operations. That need has led enterprises to digitally… Continue reading

Cloud service-level agreements for businesses

Cloud Service-level agreements are supposed to help keep customers and providers happy, but writing one for the cloud means you must set boundaries to account for more players and possibilities.

Dodge the Traps in Creating… Continue reading

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