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IT procurement for business efficiency

a plan for digital transformation to fuel new innovation and business value

Whereas business units from finance to manufacturing have already harnessed the power of the cloud, mobile, data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI), one often overlooked the function is waiting to fan… Continue reading

Cloud for Core Enterprise Applications

Making a Successful Move to the Cloud for Core Enterprise Applications

The cloud architecture makes a difference for core enterprise applications strengths and migration success.

Where Do Core Enterprise Applications Belong?

IT leaders are caught in a dilemma when it comes to deployment… Continue reading

Networking automation for your IT environment

The current state of networking automation

Even as underlying technologies have evolved, network management has remained largely unchanged for years. Networks are typically built, operated, and maintained manually. The networking automation is crucial for modern network infrastructure.

But the traditional,… Continue reading

How to research your website keywords

How to research your website keywords for a successful online presence

Ranking for the right website keywords can make or break your website, meaning research is absolutely vital. By researching your market’s keyword demand you can not only learn which terms and phrases to… Continue reading

Boost business with flexible networks

Private IP can boost business with flexible networks

Your organization has never stood still. After all, to succeed, you can’t stop evolving or growing. Your networks have to do the same. Demands from new apps and business processes require an innovative network that… Continue reading

Data Modeling Techniques for big data

Big data challenges traditional data modeling techniques

The onslaught of big data, with its high data volumes and diverse data structures, has given rise to new technologies in the form of NoSQL, Hadoop, Spark and the like. NoSQL, particularly, calls for changes… Continue reading

Software-Defined Storage Adoption

Server Technology is Advancing Software-Defined Storage

For those struggling to convince their leadership to adopt software-defined storage (SDS), this post can help you make the case. We’ve gathered 5 ways server technology is advancing software-defined storage adoption, making it easier… Continue reading

Application delivery infrastructure

Digital transformation is changing the way that application  delivery is managed

To meet the growing challenges of a competitive world economy, a digital transformation is taking place in the enterprise using application delivery. Organizations realize that to be competitive they need to be… Continue reading

Agile ICT Operations for business

Digital Transformation Requires Bimodal Agile ICT Operations

A long time ago, in a business environment less volatile and complex, Agile ICT Operations cared only for stability. Then the application economy happened—every company became a software company, and competitive pressures to rapidly innovate and iterate applications increased exponentially.… Continue reading

Business Digital Transformation 2.0

Business Digital Transformation offers New Opportunities

Industry historically has run on the concept of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Companies that had found success with a process or technology were content to maintain their status quo, and it… Continue reading

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