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Linux desktop systems for users

The Linux desktop: With great success comes great failure

Linux desktop system is both the most popular operating system and a niche end-user OS. How can that be? Follow along, my friends, and I’ll tell you.

Stop me if you’ve… Continue reading

Mobile applications for business development

Musato Technologies builds innovative mobile applications for business

Building an enterprise mobile applications for business takes more than just assembling a collection of files. Developers must take into account a wide range of considerations to ensure they create an app that workers… Continue reading

Cloud computing systems

Cloud computing systems: A cost-effective technology solution

Cloud computing systems are quickly catching on with businesses across the world as a cost-effective way to offload the burden of buying and maintaining information and communication technology (ICT).

Cloud computing systems let… Continue reading

SMB security policies for enterprise

SMB security Policies to protect your business

Small and midsize businesses are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals—but they often lack the resources and expertise to develop comprehensive security policies to help defend against threats.- SMB security Policies

This set of policies… Continue reading

Developing mobile apps for enterprise

IT’s options for developing mobile apps and deploying them to users

Everyone wants apps, but it isn’t always so simple to get them into users’hands. Read through to learn about developing mobile apps for the enterprise.

There are so many options… Continue reading

Linux systems users management

Managing users on Linux systems

Your Linux systems users may not be raging bulls, but keeping them happy is always a challenge as it involves managing their accounts, monitoring their access rights, tracking down the solutions to problems they run… Continue reading

Cloud-based security for faster websites

Cloud-based security for a faster performing website

Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated with each passing year. As bad actors discover new methods to uncover security vulnerabilities, corporate countermeasures need to stay one step ahead of them using cloud-based security.

For today’s corporate security manager, it’s not… Continue reading

Efficient apps development

Musato Technologies builds innovative and efficient apps faster

Gain insights to deliver superior experiences offered by our ICT solutions

Musato Technologies delivers efficient apps that provide extraordinary experiences, exceptional functionality, and airtight security. Our apps development is delivered at the… Continue reading

Network Automation Methods

Evaluating Three Popular Automation Network Methods

Today, business agility and operational agility are critical to success. Enterprise IT and service provider operations teams are turning to network automation as a way to meet their agility goals.

But before they can even start,… Continue reading

Graph database for business

What is a graph database?

A better way to store connected data

Learn why graph database excels at exploring highly connected data, and how to leverage them in your organization. Key-value, document-oriented, column family, graph, relational.

Today we seem to have… Continue reading

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