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ICT services for successful IT sourcing

ICT services multisourcing

a model for Successful IT Sourcing

Success in today’s business environment is dependent on the development of more innovative and holistic IT sourcing strategies which attend to all the business’s needs – both in the short and… Continue reading

SOAP and REST web services

REST and SOAP web services: Choosing the best option

SOAP and REST offer different methods to invoke a web service. Learn the variations between the two approaches, including integration concerns and client choices.

Web services overview – SOAP and REST… Continue reading

DevOps to leverage Legacy systems

DevOps is Spreading Rapidly, but Selectively

The promise of DevOps is real. Needed functionality is coming online faster, teams are working together better, and issues are being resolved closer to the moment they are detected. But only where DevOps has… Continue reading

Enterprise resource planning software

Enterprise resource planning software for businesses

Enterprise resource planning software (ERP) was once solely the province of large corporations looking to run their entire operation from a single software framework. Today, the cloud allows small to midsize businesses to take… Continue reading

Optimize keywords with on-page metas

Optimize keywords with on-page metas for websites

HTML meta tags and meta tags are very similar and serve the same purpose – to provide search engines with information about a webpage. As Google’s ranking is made up of 200 or more components, or ‘ranking signals’, these… Continue reading

Mobile application for business

The digital transformation of business with a mobile application

Today, the mobile application has become a critical channel for customer outreach, partner access, and new business opportunities. In fact, they have become the strategic initiative for all digital organizations looking to drive the… Continue reading

IT services companies

IT services companies enhance UNIX security while simplifying management

SMB clients delivered enterprise-level support with Privileged Access Suite for UNIX Business Communication (BCom), is responsible for managing, monitoring and ensuring the security for their clients’ networks. This approach has tremendously improved the deployment of… Continue reading

Enterprise mobile management

Enterprise mobile management: Where do we go from here?

Traditional enterprise mobile management is no practical. There is a new era of device management coming, and you better get ready for it. Mobile has become a mainstream tool for the vast… Continue reading

IT Support Assessment for businesses

Our Right-sizing approach and the IT Support Assessment

Right-sizing support and maintenance within your IT operation offers compelling advantages. Musato Technologies assists you in accelerating towards that goal via our IT Support Assessment.

In addition, the  pace of business today… Continue reading

Phishing and spearphishing threats to businesses

Phishing and spearphishing are threats to your business 

While security professionals focus largely on identifying and patching vulnerabilities in software, the weakest security link typically ends users. Phishing is a social engineering method to fraudulently obtain information by disguising communication… Continue reading

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