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Choosing the right website designer

Choosing the right website designer for business website

How do you find the right agency or website designer to help build your website? Start by looking at these six factors.

1. Do they take the time to understand your industry… Continue reading

Use serverless computing in business

How and where to use serverless computing

Serverless computing is designed to automate infrastructure provisioning and eliminate the burden of server management. Is your organization ready to go serverless? The trend toward serverless computing is clearly on the rise, but… Continue reading

E-commerce website development requirement

Online store with e-commerce website development

Just like an engineer wouldn’t start a building without blueprints, a business creating an e-commerce website development needs a plan that sets out must-haves and nice-to-haves.

An awfully planned project can end up with… Continue reading

Cross-platform app development tools

How to choose cross-platform application development tools

There is a number of cross-platform app development tools to help you find which application development software is best for your company. Companies are no longer running on single platforms such as Windows.… Continue reading

e-commerce marketing strategy

Build your e-commerce marketing strategy

Before building your e-commerce site, you have to step back and create your e-commerce marketing strategy by answering a few basic questions. Perhaps the most important question is why your customers should choose you over… Continue reading

Application security vulnerabilities

Application security vulnerabilities are often known exploits

All software developers are trained in secure coding. Making sure deployed software is safe from various nefarious threats is always a top priority. Or, at least, it should be a top priority. Many… Continue reading

VoIP technologies for businesses

VoIP technologies and phone services for your business

Voice over IP (VoIP technologies) has gone from alternative technology to the primary way that businesses and many homes implement voice communications. However, as VoIP evolves its features and capabilities finding the… Continue reading

5G technology to revolutionize connectivity

What’s all the buzz about 5G technology?

5G technology or the fifth generation of mobile Internet connectivity is making a lot of news these days. Why does 5G merit so much attention?

If you are uncertain about what 5G technology… Continue reading

ICT services for successful IT sourcing

ICT services multisourcing

a model for Successful IT Sourcing

Success in today’s business environment is dependent on the development of more innovative and holistic IT sourcing strategies which attend to all the business’s needs – both in the short and… Continue reading

SOAP and REST web services

REST and SOAP web services: Choosing the best option

SOAP and REST offer different methods to invoke a web service. Learn the variations between the two approaches, including integration concerns and client choices.

Web services overview – SOAP and REST… Continue reading