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Cloud Solution Design for Business Requirements

Businesses adopting cloud services or implementing a cloud-first approach for new applications and services need knowledge that is often hard to find in the house within the IT department. The building or moving applications and services into the cloud solution requires more than technical knowledge and skills. Usually overlooked, taking the business requirements into consideration is key.

If you understand how to integrate business requirements like service level agreements (SLAs), budget, and compliance into cloud design, you are extremely valuable and will stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs like cloud architect.

Solution Design for Business Requirements: What Does It Mean?

Let’s start with a few definitions.

Cloud Solution
Cloud Solutions
  • Business requirements are a set of specifications that identify what type of service or level of service is required from the cloud provider.
  • Solution design is a process that begins with some form of analysis of the business requirements and the offerings available in market that fulfill those requirements.

Understanding business situations – or having good business acumen – is critical to the analysis step, as it’s important to not only consider the technical features or capabilities of the service, but also the business measures and agreements for procuring the service.

For example, when comparing cloud services, an engineer needs to consider the SLA. An SLA can provide information about the service, availability, and even recovery and termination processes related not only to the service, but also to the data that customers input into the service.

Why Should IT Pros Consider This Skillset?

The role of the IT pro is changing. It’s no longer a break/fix job. We live in a digital world where technology is a critical element in every single business – regardless of industry. Employers are looking for IT professionals who not only have the technical skills necessary to keep the organization running smoothly and securely, but also have the ability to learn and develop business acumen.

There’s a constant need to interact with and support stakeholders across the entire organization. Today’s IT pros must understand how the business operates to provide a capable platform to support business growth and improve efficiencies.

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Siphumelele Sipika
Author: Siphumelele Sipika

Siphumelele Sipika is the Chief Operation Officer (COO) and the Administrator at Musato Technologies. She also holds the position of the Director. She is a visionary leader and a technologist who is driven and passionate about digital transformation and the role of ICT that plays in improving economies and communities throughout Africa and the globe at large.

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