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Choosing the right website designer for business website

How do you find the right agency or website designer to help build your website? Start by looking at these six factors.

1. Do they take the time to understand your industry… Continue reading

Building a Strong Network for Websites

The success of a company’s website depends on a reliable network. Here are tips for making sure you build a network that provides a stable web environment to meet business needs. – Network for Websites… Continue reading

Web Content Management Systems Overview

Web CMS’s underlying elements are undergoing a radical transformation. Originally, web content management systems supported static web page authoring and production sites managed by technical teams, commonly AD&D professionals.

Then, vendors added advanced capabilities for separation… Continue reading

5 steps for tracking the effectiveness of your website

Your website is one of your most important sales tools. But could you say for sure how effective it is at generating leads and converting them to sales?-Website EffectivenessWebsite effectiveness

If you answered no, you’re not alone. Many businesses set up a website without thinking about tracking its results. Second, it’s never too late to start tracking visitors, and doing so will have concrete benefits for the future growth of your business.

Any interaction with your site that moves a customer one step closer to making a purchase is called a conversion. Chagpar proposes five steps you can take to start tracking your online conversions.

1. Know what you want your site to achieve

There are two kinds of conversions:

Micro conversions are small events like somebody clicking on a video, downloading a brochure or engaging with a specific piece of content.
Macro conversions mark the completion of bigger goals, like someone submitting a quote-request form or completing an e-commerce transaction. Continue reading