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Web Content Management

Web Content Management Systems Overview

Web CMS’s underlying elements are undergoing a radical transformation. Originally, web content management systems supported static web page authoring and production sites managed by technical teams, commonly AD&D professionals.

Then, vendors added advanced capabilities… Continue reading

What to look for in web content management system software?

A Content management system can help an organization support the entire content creation process, from production to delivery — but there’s much to consider in WCM systems.Content Management System

Web content management describes a class of software for creating and maintaining content for websites and mobile applications. From an IT perspective, content management tools have a simple business purpose — support line-of-business users and ensure that they can manage all the information they need to produce compelling digital experiences. With web content management software, nontechnical users can effectively manage the volume, velocity, and variety of digitized information to do their jobs.

WCM software explained – Content Management System

Anyone maintaining a website manages content. Once a site is set up and running, nontechnical users need to be able to create, organize, store and distribute content on their own, without depending on day-to-day support from IT specialists. Similarly, anyone supporting web-based or native mobile apps must have the ability to create, source and produce content. In fact, many firms now begin with applications to support mobile content delivery first. Continue reading