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Biometric Systems Overview

As users increasingly demand frictionless authentication everywhere, biometrics solutions have garnered significant attention for both authentication and fraud prevention — especially on mobile and IoT devices. Furthermore, as theirBiometrics
adoption increases, they will hasten the demise of the industry’s least user-friendly method — passwords.

Nontraditional Modalities Show Promise, But They Are Playing Catch-Up

Several newer modalities, such as behavioral and electrocardiogram biometrics, show potential via mobile or continuous authentication, but they face stiff competition from established modalities such as fingerprint, face, and voice biometrics that are also going mobile.

Biometrics Tuning Is Mandatory

As you strive to provide users with a frictionless registration and authentication experience, make sure the solution performs at scale with an acceptable level of false positives and negatives.

Privacy Of Samples Will Make Or Break Biometrics

To ensure user acceptance and compliance, you have to reduce the likelihood that biometric samples will suffer a compromise. To this end, use vendors that store only a subset of encrypted mathematical characteristics and parameters of biometric samples. Continue reading

Ready for more secure authentication?

Try these password alternatives and enhancements

Password-only authentication is not effective. Combine passwords with multifactor authentication, social login, biometrics, or risk-based authentication to better protect users and your reputation.-Password alternativesPassword alternatives

The best thing you can say about using a password for authentication is that it’s better than nothing. High-profile breaches like Equifax, however, have exposed millions of passwords and user IDs, calling into question even that faint praise. If consumers don’t assume that at least some of their passwords have been compromised, they only create a dangerous false sense of security.

Companies that still rely on password authentication for access to important customer and corporate data are doing the same. Password-only protection is permanently broken, and any organization relying on it is placing its business and reputation at risk. Even if they avoid a breach, awareness of the shortcomings of password protection is much higher now thanks to Equifax. If that’s how you protect customers’ data, they will think twice about trusting you with it.

Alternatives like two-factor authentication (2FA), multifactor authentication (MFA), behavioral analytics, and biometrics have been available for some time, but adoption rates are low. The growing threat landscape and consumer awareness are lowering barriers to implementing these options — those barriers being, primarily, user resistance, complexity, and ROI. Continue reading