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Petya ransomware

Petya ransomware running rampant

How to turn off SMBv1 in Windows to make sure you’re safe

Last month it was the “WannaCry” virus wreaking havoc over the internet, and now this week another ransomware exploit is rapidly expanding across Europe and the Ukraine especially. The new variant, dubbed “Petya,” uses thePetya ransomware same SMBv1 exploit that WannaCry uses to rapidly replicate throughout network systems, but holds infected computers hostage in a significantly different way.

According to a post on Hacker News, the Petya ransomware, also known as “Petwrap,” is spreading rapidly, “shutting down computers at corporates, power supplies, and banks across Russia, Ukraine, Spain, France, UK, India, and Europe and demanding demands $300 in bitcoins,” and has affected over 300,000 computers in only 72 hours. Continue reading