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Password-Free Authentication

What is a password manager and why do I need one?

We can’t get through the day without using passwords. So, the use of a password manager is very crucial. From logging into our social media accounts to managing our… Continue reading

Biometric Systems Overview

As users increasingly demand frictionless authentication everywhere, biometrics solutions have garnered significant attention for both authentication and fraud prevention — especially on mobile and IoT devices. Furthermore, as theirBiometrics
adoption increases, they will hasten the demise of the industry’s least user-friendly method — passwords.

Nontraditional Modalities Show Promise, But They Are Playing Catch-Up

Several newer modalities, such as behavioral and electrocardiogram biometrics, show potential via mobile or continuous authentication, but they face stiff competition from established modalities such as fingerprint, face, and voice biometrics that are also going mobile.

Biometrics Tuning Is Mandatory

As you strive to provide users with a frictionless registration and authentication experience, make sure the solution performs at scale with an acceptable level of false positives and negatives.

Privacy Of Samples Will Make Or Break Biometrics

To ensure user acceptance and compliance, you have to reduce the likelihood that biometric samples will suffer a compromise. To this end, use vendors that store only a subset of encrypted mathematical characteristics and parameters of biometric samples. Continue reading