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Mobile app content must drive development goals

Mobile apps succeed or fail by their data. An app’s content must reflect the business workflow, support the app’s purpose and simplify data access while being secure and user-friendly. Mobile app content is… Continue reading

Simplify mobile app development for the enterprise

Without the right resources, app dev can be complicated. Start out the process on the right foot and have all the best tools in your arsenal to avoid an enterprise mobile app development dilemma.Enterprise mobile app development

Enterprise mobile app development can be an expensive, complicated process — or a relatively cost-effective and simple endeavor.

Here are some tips to ensure that your organization’s app build falls in the latter category.

Make core decisions first

It can be intimidating to begin mobile app development for an enterprise, but making a series of decisions early on offers an approachable first step into the process. Determine which devices the app will support and whether the app will be native, hybrid or web-based.

Developers have to build native apps from scratch, so they are, therefore, more complicated and costly to build, but generally perform better than other app types. Web-based apps are simpler and cheaper to build, and hybrid apps fall somewhere in between. Like web apps, hybrid apps can use open standard technologies — but they can also take advantage of a device’s native features.

To cut costs, make a plan

If you jump the gun with mobile app development in the enterprise, it could lead to costly dead ends and unforeseen mistakes. Instead, plan out your app by sketching workflows and interfaces before you write any code. Device templates such as Interface Sketch offer a less intimidating way to approach the planning stage. Continue reading