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Mobile App Development Costs

Four tips for reducing mobile app development costs

Don’t get stuck with hidden fees and unnecessary designs with mobile app development. Cut off the high sticker price by focusing on the user experience and going cross-platform.

Developing a mobile app can be a pricey undertaking.Mobile App

Just consider the multiple platforms and device types on which the app must run, not to mention all the differences in screen sizes, resolutions, storage, performance, security and countless other details.

Given these factors, it’s no surprise that mobile app development projects come with such hefty price tags. Here are four tips for driving down the mobile app development cost for organizations.

Design first, build later

Before writing any code, have a good sense of what the plan is for the app. Try to sketch out the app’s workflows and interfaces early in the design process. Sketching is an incredibly cheap and easy way to iron out an app’s initial design and flesh out its requirements.

Produce as many sketches as necessary, and explore design options with the app’s stakeholders as part of an interactive process, while incurring few up front mobile app development costs. Be sure to define directions and rule out dead ends. At this point, there’s no need to come up with a high-fidelity representation of the final interface.

If freehand drawing sounds intimidating, device templates provide a structure to work within. Interface Sketch offers a free set of downloadable sketch templates for desktop and mobile platforms. Continue reading