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MacOS security flaw

MacOS security flaw grants admin access to anyone

The latest version of MacOS includes a mindlessly simple, one-step way to take over any Mac. What are we going to do with you? In your most recent High Sierra macOS release, it turns out you’ve given away to any local user to take over a Mac — lock, stock, and two smoking barrels.- MacOS security flawMacOS security flaw

Go over to your Mac running High Sierra and try this: Wake it up and go to your login screen. Now check “Other User” and entered root as the username and leave the password empty. You may very well find that you just logged into your system as the root user, that is the administrator. You now own that box.

That means if you stole a Mac, or just get physical access to one while the owner is away, you own all the data on it. Can you say bad? I knew you could.

This is an all-time security failure. I cannot think of anything to match it. All Macs running up-to-date macOS are wide-open for attacks.

This exploit doesn’t require any mad NSA-type hacker skills. If you can use a keyboard you can get in.

In the original version of this security hole it was found that all you had to do is go to System Preferences, then Users and Groups, and click the lock to make changes. Then, enter “root” as your username without a password. Shazam! You’re in. Continue reading