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Kaspersky Anti-virus

Kaspersky Lab hands out free anti-virus

In a bid to ‘secure the whole world’, the Russian security firm, Kaspersky Lab is offering up free anti-virus protection globally. Kaspersky Lab has announced that it will be offering free anti-virus protection for everyone by rolling out Kasperskythe base version of its software globally at no charge.

In a blog post authored by the security firm’s chief, Eugene Kaspersky explains that an increase in the number of installations of Kaspersky Free is expected to positively affect the quality of protection of all users since the “big-data-bases will have more numbers to work with to better hone the machine learning”.

The free version contains the bare essentials, Kaspersky said, which includes file, email, and web antivirus; automatic updates, self-defence; quarantine; and a handful of additional features the blog post does not list. Continue reading