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Virtual private network (VPN) Executive Summary

The corporate perimeter as you know it no longer exists. Virtual private network (VPN) vulnerabilities are pervasive, and outdated access solutions are not only cumbersome and time-consuming but also allow for unprotected access to… Continue reading

How voice technology will re-shape business

Everybody expects voice technology and virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa and Cortana to make a big splash in the enterprise. Here’s what to expect.

A huge gulf exists between what businesses know… Continue reading

How to use innovative information technology to improve your profits

Innovative information technology can be an effective way to make your company more productive and profitable. Whether it’s integrating your processes, enhancing your marketing abilities, better managing receivables… Continue reading

How to implement ICT digital transformation in your organization

ICT Digital transformation is one of the buzziest of buzzwords in tech today, but there’s real value behind that buzz. At the 2018 VMworld conference, VMware CIO Bask Iyer led a… Continue reading

Innovating IT while reducing legacy complexity, with HPE SimpliVity

In a competitive global economy, decision-makers don’t have the luxury of throwing resources at an IT infrastructure that is incapable of responding dynamically to business needs. – Innovating IT

Many… Continue reading

The new rules of IT business alignment in the digital era

Getting in sync with your organization’s goals has never been more important, or more challenging. Here’s how to align IT and business strategy for digital success. – IT… Continue reading

12 technologies that will disrupt business in 2018

From artificial intelligence to augmented reality, these dozen disruptive technologies and trends will begin driving how business gets done at forward-thinking organizations this year. – Technologies disruption Technologies

In 2018, disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and computer vision are maturing, going from game-changing ideas to foundational tools for business. This year, we’ll see these and other technologies drive how business gets done and what new products will launch in the near future.

To get a sense of what’s ahead for this year, we looked at the technologies experts say are most likely to affect a wide variety of organizations as they undergo digital transformations. Pros in these fields gave us their top picks for what should be on your radar, as well as some insight into the implications of adopting these new technologies.

Smart health tech

Last month, Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase announced a joint venture with a focus on using technology to offer their employees and their families “simplified, high-quality and transparent healthcare at a reasonable cost.” Health insurance stocks dropped on the news, as industry watchers theorized how new technology might broadly affect health care.

Some analysts see gains already being made in preventative care. In 2018 Tech Market research firm ABI forecasts that businesses will widely adopt remote patient monitoring, with 18 million wearables incorporated into corporate wellness programs. The firm predicts that number to jump to 44 million by 2021. Continue reading

How component-based software engineering spurs innovation?

Demands for digital transformation in business may ring hollow to some architects. However, componentization can play a key role in making business innovation a reality. – Software engineeringsoftware engineering

Architects and developers have too many priorities and too many high-level goals as it is. The introduction of broad business imperatives, such as application modernization and digital transformation, do little to create a technical approach or define a software architecture.

The best way to really approach these demands is to get your terms straight, frame applications along modern cloud component lines, introduce component-based software engineering to make processes match business needs and recognize productivity and technology trends as equals.

The strategy – software engineering

A primary technical step in creating a business transformation bridge is to focus on component-based software engineering, part of which involves having a componentization strategy. Componentization is driven by two forces: functional requirements from the business transformation side and technical requirements from the application modernization side.

The functional side of componentization is created by the tasks workers perform and the application tools they use. The goal of functional componentization is to create components at the highest level and avoid a specialization of functions that limit sharing components among applications. Continue reading

3 Critical Steps to Retail Business Continuity

How IT Can Help Make It Happen

Retail business has always been a fast-moving, often-changing industry. Today, change isn’t being driven by new fashion styles or popular toys. Instead, the biggest changes in the retail center on the very nature of where, when and how products are purchased.Retail Business

The traditional brick-and-mortar retail model has morphed into a hybrid approach that combines physical stores, e-commerce, and virtual showrooms—all in a 24/7 time frame. In today’s retail environment, the “store” is never closed. As a result, retailers must fortify their efforts to ensure that their business systems are always operational for all internal business users and all consumers—wherever, whenever and however they want to buy. Increasingly, retail functions are shaped and driven by digital technology, creating a heightened need to support the digital lives of retail buyers and workers across a wide range of devices, applications, and services. If retailers fail to align access to their systems with constituents’ digital lives, they will find themselves in an untenable situation. This post discusses why IT availability and business continuity are critical to digital life in today’s retailers, and to the digital lives of buyers around the world.

Digital Life-Retail Business

Digital transformation is changing how retailers do business, just as it has changed the way consumers buy goods and products. No longer are consumers tied to aging retail models built around physical stores, either in a downtown shopping district or a sprawling mall environment. Continue reading

3 mistakes IT makes that could be costly

It’s an understatement to say that IT departments are busy. From maintenance to troubleshooting, managing ongoing projects and overseeing resolutions on outages or system failures, there’s often little time for future project IT planning.

However, when details get lost in the shuffle, that’s when costly mistakes happen. These mistakes can carry a heavy price tag, affecting your personal reputation and that of your organization. What’s worse is that these aren’t your “I spilled my coffee on a server” moments. These are systematic failings that many IT organizations make—often

Is your growing data a growing problem?

Your data is the lifeblood of your organization. In the information economy, a growing business means an increasing amount of data is transferred between your employees, customers, business partners, and vendors. Issues start to arise when your file transfer infrastructure fails to scale with the growing needs of your business. Continue reading