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IT Troubleshooting

6 Steps for IT Troubleshooting at Remote Locations

IT problems at a distance can be hard for IT to solve. Here are the steps to take to fix them quicker.IT Troubleshooting
The essential trouble with troubleshooting remote locations is that they’re remote. The term “remote location” can mean a lot of different things. Some may be typical branch offices away from company headquarters, while others may be banks, retail stores, university campuses, doctors’ offices or hospitals.
Whatever the case, these locations are away from the main office or data center, which makes it hard for you in IT to easily diagnose any problem. Between you and any remote location, there are likely multiple networks served by multiple ISPs. The users at those locations may be accessing company resources over the VPN, SaaS applications, and cloud-hosted workloads or files. These layers of technology add a lot of complexity to the IT troubleshooting process. Continue reading