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IT Support Call Fraudsters

Microsoft IT Support Call Fraudsters Arrested

Four people arrested in the UK following tens of thousands of fraudulent calls being made every year demanding money for non-existent PC problems.-IT Support Call FraudstersIT Support Call Fraudsters

Fraudulent IT support calls… if you haven’t experienced one first hand, you likely know someone who has. Typically the victim receives a call from someone claiming to work for Microsoft in their IT support department. The fraudster explains how a fault has been discovered on your PC and they want to help fix it. But there is no fault, only a large bill to pay after they have gained remote access to your PC and uploaded files that make it look like there’s an infection.

If the victim pays, the fraud may end there, but sometimes a month or so later another call is made telling the victim they are due a refund. If bank details are handed over, even more cash is taken rather than a refund being issued. Continue reading