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IT issues

What do Executives need to Know About Cybersecurity?

As a leader in your IT organization, you understand that cybersecurity is an issue that increasingly makes its way up to the C-suite. But how do you answer their most pressing questions? How do you present solutions that strike the balance between security and operations?Cybersecurity
How do you make the most compelling case for more resources to protect your enterprise? With the costs of just one data breach running in the tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, the stakes are high. And as more and more data moves outside of your organization through mobile working and the sharing of information, helping your Board of Directors to understand the risks involved is imperative.
Looking at topics from the need to educate employees on how to manage technology sprawl, our research breaks
through some common myths of building an IT security plan. This data can help you to address some commonly held misconceptions and to focus on the high-value points that will make the best case to your Board of Directors for greater allocation of resources and budget. Continue reading