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Ten Years of the iPhone

Reflections on Mobility, Engagement and the Channel

On June 29th, 2007, the world changed with the introduction of the iPhone. What Apple managed to do a decade ago was change the perception and conversation around mobile computing. They created a massive following by iPhonefocusing more heavily on the user experience than other manufacturers had to that point; making talk, music and the Web a more intuitive experience.

Of course, putting all those pieces in a single, secure device wasn’t the real differentiator. The trick for Apple (and all those who followed) was in taking the “geek” out of apps — turning a phone that only tech fanatics could love into a culture in of itself. They launched an all new user experience beyond the intuitive interface that literally anyone could figure out on their own without a 50-page manual or having a support of a team of technical experts on standby. Continue reading