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Government data backup

Challenges & solutions for government data backup and continuity

State, county, & local governments are unique. From constricted budgets to needing to protect large numbers of devices and users, governments face a unique set requirement for data protection and business continuity. Unitrends has a long history of protecting governmental IT assets, with customers ranging from small towns to major state agencies protecting the data and applications of thousands of employees.- Government data backup
Here are the challenges unique to state and local governments and how Unitrends meets them.

1. Highly Proprietary Data – Government data backup

Governments create and manage large amounts of private data such as criminal records, tax reports, and court documents. Unitrends appliances can replicate data locally, to a remote site or to our highly secure Unitrends Cloud.
From any of those locations, data can be stored for long-term retention and/or used for disaster recovery purposes.

2. Stretched IT Departments

Most state, county, and local governments have few IT resources with little time to spend managing backups and
recovery. Unitrends’ products are designed for a set-it-and-forget-it style of use with emails that report backup results so you always know things are working properly. Continue reading