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Data management

Exploring the paradigm shift from backup to data protection

Smart organizations evaluate their overall data footprint and transform their traditional back-office IT to a streamlined data protection approach for both cloud and on-premises data.

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Database automation drives DevOps into the persistence layer

The adoption of highly scriptable cloud-based technologies, along with the emergence of continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) tools, has created an environment in which every operations process should be Database automationscriptable and all manual processes targeted for automation. Organizations with a DevOps approach to application lifecycle management should automate every process imaginable, but they often hit a wall when they reach the persistence layer. Emerging technologies have the potential to make that limitation disappear.- Database automation

Apply DevOps lessons to database release management

“Database release automation is a real problem,” Datical CTO Robert Reeves says. “You’ve got lots of great ways of automating the application and provisioning servers. But we are still asking DBAs (database administrators) to just work faster, work harder, as they do manual updates.”

So, why can’t we take the lessons we learned from Agile or the progress DevOps has made and apply them to the persistence layer?

“Because of state,” Reeves explains. Unlike applications, a database can’t simply be deleted and recreated on the fly as though you were deploying and undeploying a microservice packaged in a Docker container. “You can’t just zap it.”

Issues beyond the persistence layer – Database automation

The persistence layer presents one problem, but there are also unique regulatory, technical and corporate standards issues that affect databases. Continue reading