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Computer Security

Best Practices in Network Segmentation for Security

Implementing better network segmentation to improve security is a significant project for network operations, data center ops, and security teams. From dividing IoT from IT using micro-segmentation to avoiding over-segmentation, we call out best practices for maximizing success in this task.Network Segmentation

Key Challenges

• The segmentation requirements for an enterprise call for a highly customized design.
• Avoiding either over-segmenting or under-segmenting the network is achievable but requires a formal project.
• Outsourcing segmentation project planning tends to result in poor outcomes. Too often, trust is placed in less trusted components, often resulting in segmentation projects being delayed or restarted, or with results that place the enterprise at undue risk.


• Segment based on data sensitivity, location, and criticality.
• For virtualized environments, change the technology, but not the security principles.
• Create a segmentation architecture that will accommodate short-term technology changes, and will best allow for housing new resources, applications and data within the existing framework.
• Create zones to proactively house Internet of Things (IoT) and operational technology (OT). Continue reading

Cyber-security is a business necessity

Cyber-security is no longer optional, with 51% of companies have experienced some form of cyber attack, said Wlodzimierz Nowak, chief security, legal and compliance officer at T-Mobile Poland.Cyber-security

Statistics show that 93% of all large enterprises were targeted by cyber attacks in 2016 alone. “But cyber-security has become a complex issue as business has embraced the internet, cloud, and mobile working,” he told the CyberSec European Cyber Security Forum in Krakow.

In developing a cybersecurity strategy, Nowak said organizations need to understand the most common aims of any cyber attack.

These are to stop the flow of data, to disturb the flow of data; modify data; steal data; or discredit the targeted organization, in the public and private sector, including governments.

An important element of cybersecurity, said Nowak, is to ensure that enterprises, governments, and individuals all do their share in terms of keeping cyberspace secure.

“Just like someone who is infected with a virus can pass that on to someone else, any entity not following cybersecurity best practices can create vulnerabilities for others in the cyber community,” he said. Continue reading