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Cloud Web Services

Cheaper websites may not always be the best option for your business. As you grow, a do-it-yourself or roll-up-your-sleeves and get-it-done approach may no longer meet all of your needs. If you want to succeed in business and on the web, investing in quality website design is crucial. Continue reading

Build cloud web services with microservices

Building cloud web services with microservices provide benefits, such as scalability, and allows enterprise apps to access new features and tools. Follow these steps to success.-Cloud Web Services Cloud Web Services

Amazon and Microsoft, the two leading public cloud providers, both offer several dozen web services, each representing a useful application feature or tool that users can invoke through an API. On the surface, these offerings look a lot like microservices. Deeper into implementation, the similarities grow.

A microservice, like a cloud web services, isn’t a part of a single application but instead provides a general resource for applications. Several different applications and many users can access a microservice at the same time — just as they could a cloud web service. A microservice also has the ability to scale in response to load and replace itself if its underlying resources fail, also like a cloud web service.

The only problem with using microservices to build your own cloud web services is that it’s not always clear what gives microservices the desirable properties above. Cloud architects may fail to deploy microservices the right way, and thereby reduce microservices’ value in providing cloud web service features. That’s why planning microservice deployment is critical. Continue reading