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Cloud Databases

The 5 Best Data Visualization Tools For Every Business

With droves of data, these data visualization tools offer a comprehensive look at ongoing operations and forecasts to help teams thrive in the digital transformation age.

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Google Cloud Spanner – Cloud computing

Google Cloud Spanner is a distributed relGoogle Cloud Spannerational database service that runs on Google Cloud. It is designed to support global online transaction processing deployments, SQL semantics, highly available horizontal scaling and transactional consistency.

Interest in Google Cloud Spanner centres on the cloud database’s ability to provide both availability and consistency. These traits are usually considered at odds with each other, with data designers typically making tradeoffs to emphasize either availability or consistency. The trade-off has been described most vividly in the CAP Theorem, which underpinned a general move to NoSQL databases for availability and scalability in web and cloud systems. In pursuing both system availability and data consistency, Google Cloud Spanner combines SQL and NoSQL traits. Continue reading