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Web Application Protection for businesses

Web Application Protection for the Modern Era

Application security is in the midst of a transformation. Virtually all enterprise applications and assets have become web-facing whether in the form of a traditional web application, cloud applications, APIs, microservices, or legacy… Continue reading

What is serverless platform computing

What serverless platform computing really means?

serverless platform computing is a style of programming for cloud platforms that are changing the way applications are built, deployed, and – ultimately – consumed. So where do servers enter the picture?

Serverless computing… Continue reading

The Business Benefits of Open Cloud

Open cloud solutions provide many benefits for businesses

An open cloud approach holds great promise for enabling secure communications and collaboration between internal and external constituents. It has to be based on open standards and open APIs so that it… Continue reading

Cloud for Core Enterprise Applications

Making a Successful Move to the Cloud for Core Enterprise Applications

The cloud architecture makes a difference for core enterprise applications strengths and migration success.

Where Do Core Enterprise Applications Belong?

IT leaders are caught in a dilemma when it comes to deployment… Continue reading

Cloud computing systems

Cloud computing systems: A cost-effective technology solution

Cloud computing systems are quickly catching on with businesses across the world as a cost-effective way to offload the burden of buying and maintaining information and communication technology (ICT).

Cloud computing systems let… Continue reading

Cloud Services for higher education

Cloud services: a smart move for higher education

Today, the cloud services are no longer a trend to analyze, but a reality to embrace. This article discusses its definition and scope, as well as its benefits for higher education.

What exactly is the cloud?… Continue reading

Fog computing technologies

What is fog computing?

Fog computing refers to a decentralized computing structure, where resources, including the data and applications, get placed in logical locations between the data source and the cloud; it also is known by the terms ‘fogging’ and… Continue reading

Google’s Data Solutions

Google’s Data Solutions for Change brings analytics to nonprofits

Google is offering Cloud credits and assistance for nonprofits that are ready to solve big challenges with data solutions.

In the business world, it’s largely a given at this point that… Continue reading

Hybrid cloud strategies

Hybrid cloud strategies should be reimagined as multi-cloud

The tech industry needs to change the way it defines hybrid cloud strategies. A multi-cloud environment is often a more accurate description and worthwhile goal.

Everyone is talking about hybrid cloud strategies,… Continue reading

Azure App Service

Azure App Service Isolated boosts security and PaaS performance

Aimed at organizations with unique security needs, Azure App Service Environment v2 lets applications run in a dedicated network without sacrificing scale or performance.

Azure App Service Isolated represents a different… Continue reading