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Application Architectures

IT Infrastructure and Application Monitoring Become Complex

IT infrastructure and application monitoring has become very crucial to the success and the performance of digital transformation. Measuring customer experience has never been easy, but it used to be less… Continue reading

Modernize Application Architectures

Business Challenge

Application Architectures: for many organizations, the existing architecture, and systems that support customer- or employee-facing apps are outdated and cannot be scaled or built upon as quickly as required by today’s realities—especially when it comes to
supporting the demands of mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT).Application Architectures

Companies may want to develop new apps, create new customer experiences or expose data to partners or third-party developers, but tremendous improvements to infrastructure, process, management, connectivity, and security are needed to support that plan. This problem is exacerbated when working with partners that use different protocols and databases, making it difficult to connect efficiently.

Solution Overview-Application Architectures

A new digital transformation layer is needed to help benefit from investments in mobile and IoT, integrate new acquisitions or optimize the partner supply chain. Continue reading