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Flutter 2.8 boosts mobile performance

Flutter 2.8, Major rev of the cross-platform development framework promises faster startup and lower resource requirements for mobile apps, along with easier ways to connect with back-end services.

Flutter 2.8, the latest version of the… Continue reading

The Rise Of Low-Code App Development

Building apps has been widely accessible for both enterprises and non-programmers without putting high engineering efforts, mostly called low-code app development, in recent years. In that regard, Gartner predicts that low-code application development would… Continue reading

Web Application Protection for the Modern Era

Application security is in the midst of a transformation. Virtually all enterprise applications and assets have become web-facing whether in the form of a traditional web application, cloud applications, APIs, microservices, or legacy… Continue reading

What are the emerging trends in software development?

Make software engineering quality job one

It seems like every year will be — or at least should be — the year of software engineering quality, but somehow 2018 feels different. Pride in workmanship is what drives developers to create better software, and that can’t besoftware development standardized.

A 2017 survey conducted by research firm Coleman Parkes for the software analysis and measurement company Cast asked developers what factors led them to produce high-quality software. Respondents didn’t cite industry standards much (just 8%) and instead said they were inspired by pride in workmanship (20% of those surveyed).That’s great, as far as it goes, but Bill Curtis, chief scientist at Cast, said much bigger forces will also put software engineering quality under the microscope.

Security breaches and app failures mean quality is now a boardroom-level issue, he said, and that will mean sweeping changes in software development trends. In 2017, just one-third of developers were actually graded on software engineering quality, the Cast survey showed. That will change. “IT organizations will demand greater accountability from their software suppliers and will request a certification of code quality, with penalties when it is insufficient, in 2018,” Curtis said.

Software engineering quality has been completely insufficient for far too long, according to app users, said Theresa Lanowitz, head analyst at Voke Research. Consumers are tired of apps that don’t work, and she tied that directly to the trend in software development to focus on speed rather than quality. Continue reading

App development teams brace for big change in 2018

Multi-cloud, blockchain and more sophisticated PaaS tools are three trends expected to reshape app development practices in 2018. Is your team ready for the change? – App developmentApp development

Experts expect 2018 to be a year of change for cloud app development, as trends like DevOps, hybrid cloud and blockchain continue to take off.

Here’s a closer look at these and other emerging trends, what they’ll mean for enterprise app development teams and the potential challenges and risks they pose.

PaaS platforms evolve

In 2018, vendors will attempt to improve their platform as a service (PaaS) offerings to speed up application development and support DevOps workflows. Leading cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle, will continue to roll out tooling to automatically provision PaaS-like capabilities via containers and Kubernetes. In addition, CIOs and app development teams will start to take advantage of higher-level service mesh tools, such as Istio and Linkerd, to recreate the benefits of monolithic apps within a collection of microservices.

However, these more sophisticated cloud tools come with potential vendor lock-in risks, said David Bartoletti, VP and principal analyst at Forrester. For example, AWS provides a set of tools to automatically provision containers with its Elastic Container Service, but those tools won’t necessarily help developers who need to move apps to private infrastructure or manage apps that span cloud platforms. Continue reading

Developing for the Cloud: Challenges and Best Practices

The developer is in demand more than ever, and yet the role still alludes most in the IT world. With some insight into cloud computing, platforms, and ecosystems, development processes can be more clearly defined, and the part of the developer will come into focus. – App Development for the CloudApp Development

Platforms and Developers: What are Their Functions?

Look at any job board, and it would be difficult not to see the trend— companies are hiring developers. Whether they need cloud apps, mobile apps or someone to make business work when it doesn’t, companies are heralding developers as the solution to a host of problems. But while developers are in demand, knowledge of what they do is in short supply. The reason is much of what developers do is shrouded in mystery to those outside their world. In this article, we explore issues and trends in cloud development, broken down so those who think Python is a snake and Java a cup of coffee will understand. Continue reading