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10 questions to boost your tech security

What’s the biggest technology security problem that business owners face? If you said computer hackers, guess again. The biggest problems by far come from a company’s own employees. The good news: They’re usually not doing it on purpose.10 questions to boost your tech security

Most of the security breaches involve accidents: An employee mistakenly emailing confidential client information outside the company; a cashier leaving a customer’s credit card information on a publicly viewable computer screen; or a manager inadvertently deleting important files.

One of the most common breaches: Accidentally downloading malware—those nasty computer viruses and Trojan horses that can cause mayhem in your computer network. Also very common: Neglecting to back up data regularly.

Here’s a checklist for making sure your IT assets are secure.

  1. Do you have a security policy that covers acceptable IT use, password guidelines, security practices and procedures for downloading and installing new software?
  2. Do you centralize critical data (anything needed in day-to-day operations) on a server and back it up nightly to a remote location?
  3. Do you centralize important data (anything important to the business but not updated frequently) on a server and back it up semi-regularly off site?
  4. Do you have a firewall and intrusion detection on all web connections?
  5. Do all computers have working anti-virus software and the latest system updates and security patches?
  6. Are all modem and wireless access connections known and secured?
  7. Do you have a company privacy policy and confidentiality agreements for contractors and vendors?
  8. Is customer financial information encrypted and accessible only to those who need it?
  9. Are paper files kept in locked filing cabinets with controlled access?
  10. Do you do a periodic audit (every six months at least) of your IT security checklist?

If these processes seem too complicated for your business to handle, you may want to consider hiring outside help. Contact Musato Technologies today. – 10 questions to boost your tech security